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cribbage, lunch, and going home

It's amazing how tired a chocolate malt can make you after a big lunch. I took about a fifteen minute nap, and am still tired.

We had lunch with my Aunt in town (Payson) at a hamburger joint called Mackey's (I think that's how it's spelled). Pretty good burgers and a tasty malt for myself were had, and we enjoyed talking. I've now seen all of my aunts, and, from what I can tell, most of my AZ family members. I also enjoyed being able to catch up on the text messages and voicemails I had accumulated over the past few days.

One of the messages came from chessdude who is a new lj user with one entry about the outcome of last entry's cribbage game. But first, let me muse about cribbage for a while. I am 27 and have played the game for about half of my life, thanks to my Grandma and Grandpa, who played almost nightly for a while. Cribbage, for me, is an ideal game, because it's mathematically based but requires, once you get the game, little skill. It's got strategy, but if you're good with math, it can be mastered. Many might not agree with me on the skill part, but a lot of it comes down to which cards you get and how aggressively you try to find points in your partner's hand. I've taught the game to one of my other friends, and we play when he is around and I'm in the same town, but otherwise, it seems as if few younger people play. Maybe the game goes too slowly for young people. Maybe it's too hard, I don't know, but I like it, and I always enjoy coming overhere or having my Grandma come over to our house to play a rousing game of cribbage. I won't explain the game, look it up on wikipedia for a reasonably good explanation. The link is here for the
Cribbage link on Wikipedia.

I did end up beating my Grandma twice, once in a full game, and second in a half game. We played a half game mostly because we had to watch Jeopardy (Grandma'a got her shows you see). We enjoyed the game though.

We're going to be getting me ready to leave in the morning for Phoenix at which point I'll fly from there to Houston, and then on to Fayetteville. I should arrive there at about 8:30 or so. We're going to play a game or two this evening, which should be good, and maybe Grandma will actually win one. I'm not going to consciously let her though :). I must try to teach more of my friends that game.

With that, I'll post this, and prepare for my journey back to the Ozark mountains. It's been a really great trip!
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