Ner (djner) wrote,

Today's been pretty packed with listening to general conference, and I really enjoyed it. The messages were all, I believe, inspired, and inspiring, and the choir was amazing as usual. In the second session today, they rededicated the Tabernacle in Salt Lake. That building is the building where they (The Church) met for a bit over a century for conferences and other church events. It's a hard building to describe in words; basically it's a building with a shiny roof that's shaped much like a loaf of French bread). They finished the wooden structure in the 1870s completely by hand, and completely without nails (they used wooden pegs and rawhide alone because nails were hard to find in Utah at the time). SO they rededicated it because it had to be brought up to the new earthquake codes, because with the construction as it is, they weren't sure if it would withstand any seismic activity. They've been working on fixing things and renovating the Tabernacle for over a year now, so it will finally be open so that everyone can check it out and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir can continue to perform there. I can't wait to do so myself; they say the acoustics are such that if you drop a pin, and it's completely silent, it can be heard throughout the massive building. Check out more info Here on Wikipedia. Some day, I'll talk about how the choir was handcrafted and run. Can we say thanks electricity? Lots of human power (pumping bellows) was required to run the thing when it was first built. When it was first built, it had 700 pipes, now it has 11623 pipes. That's ridiculous, don't you think? :P

There are two more sessions tomorrow, and I'll probably go over to our little church building to watch them both; mostly because they're giving us lunch between sessions tomorrow and the soup and sandwiches are usually awesome (this is my third conference).

That's about all. Probably need to get to bed so I can get up, even though I'll get an hour of extra sleep being that conference starts at 10 mountain, and not 10 central time. Hope this wasn't too boring an entry; I guess it's better than no entry.
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