Ner (djner) wrote,

I actually DID do a bit of work (mostly worrying) today. should be getting more work done tomorrow, which I'll describe in a bit.

Just got done watching the national championship in the NCAA Mens' Basketball game. It was a good game, and I'm glad that the SEC won yet again, but I kind of wish Florida hadn't won *again*, but ... you have to give it to them, they are a great team. Arkansas also has a new basketball coach, the former Crayton coach, and I really think he'll do well for the Razorbacks. They're going to have an awesome team next year, I think and hope. Wherever I am, I'm for the Razorbacks always.

I got to Bell this afternoon after my usual "classes" at the Institute building from 11:30 to 1:30. It's becoming very evident and emenent that I'll be going on my internship within the next two weeks give or take. So pretty much all I did today was try to figure out how I would get to Oak Ridge, and how all the logistics will work for checking out of this room and moving all of my stuff out. It's still not clear how it will all work, but I did call my Dad, and he should be able to get me there and help me get my stuff out of here and into storage. If I hadn't mentioned yet, I'll mention now, I hate moving.

Tomorrow, we'll be travelling to the architecture building to check out their laser cutter. Basically, architectures use this really neat toy to cut out pieces for their models. So we'll be able to make the little templates that allow me to design chemical plant components on the Tablet PC en masse, without having to cut them out with scissors. All we'll have to do is draw the templates out in exact measurements, put a piece of plexiglass in the little machine, and basically print it out on the machine. The lasers then cut the shapes out that you've drawn in Autocad, and there you have it. You want another page of the templates? Just print out another copy. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this thing work.

I've had no calls from anyone on the phone (girls, what can you do :)?), and I'm ok with it. I just hope this one doesn't implode like the rest of them have.

Well, probably should get going. My handitalky (handheld amateur radio tranceiver) is having an antenna problem, and my friend Bernie is going to pick it up pretty early and do some surgery on it.

Thanks to the new people who are reading this journal. My Aunt Barb is even reading my entries which is ultra cool :).
Tags: dating, internship

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