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Had to have to Celtic music, so I'm listening to some Micheal McGoldrich Now. Been a while since I've virtually spun this cd, so ... I'll be writing to the lilt of McGoldrich's stellar flute playing.

Thanks to arkiewriter for posting the link to the Wikipedia entry for brussel sprouts. I haven't looked at it yet, but may come up with a totally untrue answer to why these plants are so weird. I'll have to inform the person who told me that they were baby cabbages.

Got a call from mysterious person who I wanted to try to go out with this week. She's not going to be able to go tomorrow :(, and no, the reason was not "I need to wash my hair". I told her that maybe we could do it next week, becase I may be in pain Friday, but I think I'll call her and see what she's doing on Friday, and if she wants to procure something cold, very cold, to eat. We shall see if I can get a hold of her and run by my idea, personally, if I can stand it, I think that ice cream, though I may be in a slight amount of pain, seems like a better idea than waiting for aweek, especially since I will be leaving soonishly.

Speaking of pain, I'm t minus two (almost) days until pain day. I'm getting more apprehensive about things, but I'm going to continue to pray for peace and that I may not feel too much pain, and maybe I can get some help with it.

We went to the vis lab at the architecture school, and man is that machine cool. Steven, the guy I talked with earlier in the wek, drew up one of our template, he put the plexiglass in the machine and pressed print. The lasers made short work of the Autocad file, and we had a cut out template. We're hoping to be able to pay them to create the Autocad files, and they were happy about this.

Well, I don't have too much to add that's new. We had a tornado watch tonight, but the rain chance was only 30 percent, and nothing has happened. I'm thankful for that.

I will talk more about the internship, and more about the templates after we go and work on desinging them tomorrow. I haven't gone and worked out with Britany and Krissy for a long while, and they just called me (we usually go to the Hyper on Tuesday and Thursdays but haven't been in a while), so I should go downstairs and meet them, so I can walk and row and sweat. Peace.
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