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catfish? O Catfish? Do you work at the dentists office? and other ramblings

For those who didn't listen to my voice posts about Charlie's Chicken, a sign on the door said

I can just picture the catfish with their whiskers and crazy slimy tail totally hiring and interviewing for hot jobs.

The procedure went pretty well, though it was pretty painful, and I'm still having problems getting this entry written. Britany'
s planning on sending me the picture of the infamous signm but that hasn't come through yet, so I have been trying to play around with scrapbook in the mean time, all while hurting and a bit off kilter due to pain medicine.

What they did in my mouth was preally actually pretty simple. They prepared the area so that the graft could hlpefully take after a while. Since my root was very much exposed, they released the gum from around the areaa. This was the most painful part of things as there was los of jurking and odd feelngs. Even with happy pills in my sysetm, I didn't like it. Then, he took the tissue off of the roof of my mouth and sewed it in there. They sayd that the roof of my mouth was supposed to hurt a lot more than the bum. It's actually the opposite. It may be worse tomorrow, but I'll bring pain meds along with me when I go toe OKC Temple, so hopefully all will be well there.

I came back here and layed down, flopped down more like it, and talked with my friends Britany, Krissy, and Adam, her new boyfriend. I don't remember much of what was said, at this time I was still a bit loopy, but I think it was good conversation.

Went over to Elder and Sister Smith's and tried to eat some tasty stir fry. I was amazed that, with a bit of effort, I was able to do it just fine.

That's a bit all from here. I'm thinking of convertaing all of my entries that have pictures in them, earlier ones, into the new scrap book system. That way when or if I lose my filespace, they will always be linkedd, no matter what. Probably won't fill 2 gb anyway.

I can in fact talk reasonably well, that's ok. The only issue I have is that the lower lip and gum really do hurt pretty bad from time to time.

It's about time for me to get to bed; Got a call from a guy from church wanting to know if I wanted to go to the temple tomorrow. I said that If we could organize Fiona, that I would go, as long as I could take my pain pills. I have to talk to the Temple President abou guide dogs on how we'll handle them, because I know blind people have done this before. Well, time for bed. 4:30 will come really soon I think.
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