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This clam chowder Soup in Hand soup is really surprisingly good and it's filling enough, even though it's in a small microwavable can-like container. This is the first I've had post-surgery, and will be pretty handy to eat as my mouth heals.

I have more swelling today than I had after the surgery, and it does hurt when I change facial expressions or press on my chin a it, but it doesn't hurt all the time, and is easily manageable with pain medication. It wasn't bad enough that I didn't feel like I couldn't go to the temple today so that was good. It was also good that Bishop reminded me to take my pain meds and antibiotics at lunch time (1 pm), so that was good.

Here's a description of the day, lj cutted so you don't have to read a huge amount. It's a very very brief description, but if I described the why of everything related to ordinances for the dead, it might take pages.

We left for Oklahoma City at about 5:15 to get to Bishop's house at 5:30 or so. We ended up getting there at about 6:00, which was right on target for leaving so that we would get there by 10, even with a quick stop at McDonalds. We got there at ten, and I was pretty excited to be able to present my temple recommend for the first time. If you are a member of the LDS church, and follow some basic rules of worthiness (tithing, not drinking coffee tea alcohol or taking drugs, you repent for your sins, etc.), you can get a temple recommend which allows you to go inside the temple to perform various temple ordinances. As I haven't been a member for long, I only have a recommend for one year, and one that only allows me to go as far as the baptistry and confirmation room.

What we did today was baptize and do confirmations for the dead (baptize by water, and by fire). We believe that those who die go to a paradiselike spirit world to await the Second Coming of Christ. This is commonly known by the majority of Christians as Heaven. Here we'll have our spirits and will be close to God, but we won't have our bodies until the Second Coming. So for those who don't accept Jesus Christ and the fullness of the Gospel (including the Book of Mormon), we believe that they won't go to hell, but will be able to go to the spirit world (Heaven), to learn about the Gospel. We do baptisms for our relatives that have died so that, if they learn about Jesus Christ and accept this Gospel, they can by proxy, be baptized and confirmed. It may seem weird to those that the concept is unnatural, but it makes sense to me, and it's what I believe. I'm truly thankful that I believe in something strongly.

We had about 24 people there, and we performed about 2000 ordinances for the dead. I think I would have felt more peaceful if I hadn't have had a mouth surgery the prior day (painful), but I was glad to do the baptisms and confirmations, and I would and

Tomorrow's Easter, and we're going to have some kind of choral thing, or I should say a few Choral things at church. Not sure if I'm going to eat dinner at someone's house, but I hope I do *something* for Easter. Sorry I had to put so many cuts in this entry, ultimately, I would have wanted to do nested lj cuts, but I guess lj's out to make my life dfficult so ... Oh well.

I probably should close this entry and get to bed soonishly after I read some scripture, I sure didn't get much sleep last night and I need to get caught up from the surgery. I'm hoping by tomorrow, especially after I put some ice on my face, that the swelling will calm down as well. More soon, and I hope this entry wasn't too hugely boring. More boringness soon.
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