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For some reason today, my face is pretty painful. put some ice on it last night without much result, and when I got up this morning my whole chin was pretty painful. It's not a 10 o0 pain, but it's annoying enough that after this entry, I'm going to lie down and put more ice on the thing. I apparently look like I was punched in the face as my whole chin is black and blue. It used to be red, and now it's turning to one mean looking bruise.

I have several comments and questions to answer, and I [romise that when I'm feeling up to it, probably this afternoon, I'll write back. I did want to write a quick one though to say that I haven't forgotten to answer.

I had jazz piano this morning and it went well. I've started to learn how to play songs in different keys and do it accurately. For some reason, I had some kind of disconnect and didn't realize that the melody most of the time is part of the chord you're playing, so though it seems I've taken a step backwards, I'm actually being able to play things more accurately and I feel more confident that I can play a song in a flat if I wanted to; (like I wold want to anyway, but I could do it now).

I've taken two pain pills now, so I think I'll lie down. I called my advisor today and he didn't answer so I just headed back to the quad after the classes I had at church. All I can say now is ouch, and I hope the hydrocodone does its thing.
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