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scarface pictures and dirty jobs

My face is hurting again, so I've had to take more pain meds. Since I'm staying here for a while, I'm going to call the periodontist and set up an appointment to get the stitches out and tell him about the pain. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of meds before the pain gets better. I don't want to get addicted or have people think I'm addicted, but I'm afraid that 'm going to run out. One pill isn't doing it for me.

On that subject, Britany took pictures of my face complete with bruises. Denise says that my bruise looks like a tornado. Joel, my roommate says it looks like I ate blackberry cobbler blindfolded. Either that, or I forgot to wipe my face.

You be the judge. Sighted people, what does it look like to you? Thanks to Britany for making these reasonably small so I don't have to have lj resize them for me. I love scrapbook :).

A picture of my face with purplish scar on my chin
Ner the Scarface wide angle

A picture of the bruise close up
The bruise close up in gory detail. What's it look like to you?

If anyone wants to give textual descriptions for us blind dudes, go for it.

I'm watching Dirty Jobs on Discovery and I really love that show. Some think it's really gross, but they've done so many gross jobs that they're actually doing direty jbs that aren't that gross. Right now they're pouring concrete and stamping it into various shapes. They're apparently going to clean up penguin crap later on in the episode and that'll be neat.

Need to go to bed and make face feel better. Note to those reading and to myself if I read this ten years down the road, never get gum grafting surgery unless you really really have to. It's PAINFUL!
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