Ner (djner) wrote,

periodontist pain, and plans for today

I called the periodontist office and got an appointment to get the stiches out by the 26th. I also talked about my pain, and they said that I wasn't wrong to take two pain pills if it was still painful. Elder and Sister Smith are going totake me to their office later today to get a new prescription for stronger stuff. I thought it was nice that they didn't suspect that I was misusing the meds and that they didn't hesitate to give me new stuff.

Sister Smith tells me that the bruise will turn green, and then yellow. I'm sure I'll have someone take pictures of the different stages. They say it will get better. I hope this happens sooner rather than later.

It's raining today,and it's cool outside. Hoping that my walk to the health center pharmacy or trip to the Wal Mart Pharmacy wil be as dry as possible. I'm also planning on going to Bell o fix apartment situation for the internship. It will all go well. Can't wait til tomorrow evening :), maybe pain will be better then.
Tags: internship, pain

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