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drugs, Mr. and Mrs., and apartment plans

I got the pain meds, finally, and I think they are actually working. I'm not going to write very long, because I need to get to bed. I didn't get much sleep last night, and having the percaset will actually be good, hopefully, because I may actually be able to sleep tonight. It's nice not feeling pain for once. We went to the Health Center to try to get the prescription filled, and they didn't have the strength of the meds that were prescribed (medium strength 7.5 mg), so we went to Harps and got it filled. On the way, I taught Sister Smith the Mr. and Mrs. game.

This is how it works. The basics of the game are. Think of a common thing, and turn it into a name. For example,
Mr. and Mrs. Dio had a son What was his name?
Ray Dio
or Radio
So basically you say Mr. and Mrs. so and so had a son or daughter, what was his name to make a common one word name.

Mr. and <rs. Vator had a daughter, what was her name? Answer: Ella Elevator Once Sister Smith got the game, I regretted teaching her. She's ruthlessa t it L(, That's always the case, my grandma found that one out when she taught me cribbage :P. Dr. Beitle talked with the apartment, and to keep my room reserved, they'll start billing me on 22 April, so basically I'll pay for a room for a half of a month while not being there. Oh well, I'll at least have a room, and that's important. Looking at a target date of the eighth of May to move over there. I better stop typing now and head to bed. I don't think this is a hugely coherent entry. I thought of doing a voice post, but then thought you guys would be too entertained. More soon.
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