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I did the sound thing at the block party here at the quad and it went really well. It's a whole new thing as it comes to audio; if you do it well, you're always tweeking things and changing them so that you don't get annoying feedback. People said that I did a good job, so I guess I was a success. I didn't get to go to Institute, because I thought I was going to have to help another band, and then it sprinkled a little, so it didn't happen :(. So I came back about 8 and didn't do much after that. I'm hoping that it won't be pouring too much tomorrow if I have to get to Bell. I may have to get there on the bus, because I'm not planning on walking there in the rain, especially since I don't have a raincoat (I lost it sometime last year). That's all now. Still pretty happy :).

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