Ner (djner) wrote,

A good Sunday!

I haven't written since Friday because really, I didn't do much of anything really of warrant to write about yesterday. I figure that it would be a good idea to write now though so I don't forget things.

Church went well this morning, and as it mostly is in this ward that I'm in, the talks were good. I've gone to other wards (one that is) where not everyone could put together a scripturally based yet spiritually motivated message. I enjoy going to church now, and that, to me, is the important thing. That, and I feel spiritually fulfilled, which is essential when you're looking for a church to attend. A church where you have friends, and not spirituality, will not be there in tough times when your friends are away. A church where you have friends and a good spiritual atmosphere will always be there for you in those tough times, even when you feel totally alone.

After church, I went to my friend Stacy's family home. Stacy's dad teaches one of the Institute classes I take, and for a while now, he's been telling me that I need to come out so I can play him some cribbage. I was sad when I knew that I would be going to my internship, and wouldn't get to play cribbage with other people than my friend Neil and my Grandma. Not that I don't enjoy playing with these people, but it is fun to play with new people, especially those you don't know much about their playing style. The cribbage showdown commenced today, and, for me, it was a disaster. Me and another guy, Jason, came with Stacy and Ephraim (married), and we played two three person games. Both games, Jason beat myself and Stacy's Dad hands-down. It was interesting to play three handed cribbage, I hadn't done that before, and it's really less predictable than two handed cribbage. After getting beat twice, Ephraim decided that he'd want to learn how to play cribbage, and so we played a four handed game (two teams) cribbage gamem. It definitely goes faster than a two person game, but it was really fun. Jason and Stacy's Dad beat us yet again. Definitely wasn't my evening for cribbage for sure. Stacy's Dad and I played a game together, but abandoned it due to the fact that he forgot to change directions as he went around the board. It is not a good idea to get lost on a cribbage board. It is your point calculator, and if you start going the wrong direction (backward rather than forward), there's no GPS to rescue you.

Not only did we have fun playing games, but we ate tasty steak and other stuff, and sang songs. It was overall, a really good day! Maybe next time, I can win some games, for sure.

Probably should get to bed, seeing as it's past midnight. I would have finished early, but I got distracted, and started reading a new book The Prestige, which the movie was based on. Seems as if it should be a really neat book, and though it won't help me finish the other books I have been delaying reading, it will be enjoyable.

I'm looking forward to more fun plans this week. More soon. I'll have to get up early for my jazz piano lesson, so I'm off.
Tags: cribbage, lds

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