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a somber sad day

I'm pretty shocked right now. I came bak from getting food for Fiona, and found out about the shooting at Virginia Tech. I left this morning before ten (probably about 9:20 or so) and CNN had someone on talking about the shooting, but no details were really available at the time. I am not sure what to say here, but this reminds me of how I felt after the Columbine shooting. This time, the worst shooting rampage in American history happened at a college campus, and I'm not sure, as a college student, what I feel. Though it seems as if it is a huge deal, and for the students at the VT campus, it is, I don't feel less safe at the University of Arkansas. The reality is, one man can cause this much carnage at any university in any place. I guess this is the price we pay for a free society. Makes me wonder what questions will be asked after this tragedy. Are we really safe? Are guns really bad? Are our only enemies terrorists? I don't know the answers to these questions, and I don't want to speculate or debate. I don't think it's fair to introduce the politics of gun control into today's discussions when so much innocent life has been lost.

Every day, we are bombarded by fear-based stories. From what will cause cancer, to what might kill you because of defective equipment, to stories concerning school safety; are we safe anywhere in this country? All we can hope is that the stories we see tomorrow will be better than today's 33 killed in Blacksburg, and five killed today in Iraq. The Blacksburg tragedy is over, innocentblood has been shed, and now, we must cope and move on. There's got to be some good news today, and watching CNN probably isn't going to be where I find it.

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