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I've decided to leave new off and go for listening to new stuff on napster. Right now, I'm listening to Mark O'Connor (a pretty famous fiddler) play with Yo Yo ma and Edgar Myer (a famous cellist and bassist). Very cool to hear a reel played with very unlikely instruments. It's also interesting to remember that much of what we call Americana music has many of its roots in Celtic music. I'm going to need to otain some of this guy's music. Just heard it on XM and it's such a neat mix. Though what less could I expect from Yo-Yo Ma?

It's good to put the news aside, read my book, and listen to music. The book is progressing along. As I am reading this book in braille, I'm only up to page like 50 or so and I just started today, but my arms tend to get tired if I read lots at a time.

I'm going in to Bell tomorrow for sure to play with tactiles and maybe even design something. Sitting doing nothing, though I am enjoying it, really gets old at times. I'll need to tag this entry as a note to myself when I actually have lots to do when I'm working.

Well, that's about all for me for today. Two entries should do it, I would say. Going back to reading and listening. More soon.
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