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wedding receptions, concerts, and more cheme stuff

Today was a pretty interesting day. The rain we had last night was completely gone, and it was beautiful outside both today and tonight. We still have had no word from Chemstations about Chemcad working with the sound files. For some reason, inputting the registry keys manually doesn't work. If they have support for a feature, they should include it in a menu option rather than requiring the visually impaired user to be a wizzard at regedit to make it work. Either that, or they should make the registry key easier to place. Just because I'm the only blind person using the system, doesn't mean I must be a rocket scientist to get it up and running. So consequently, I got no usable work done, except for the fact that I looked some stuff up about registry restoration and editing. Still something I don't want to have to do forever in my never-ending research/education career. Accomplishing nothing all of the time sucks.

I went to a wedding reception this evening, and yes, there was in fact a wedding reception on Wednesday night. The reception was nice, and it was good to see the new couple happy. I know these people because I met the girl's Dad through ham radio. He's one of my best friends up here, even though he's my dad's age, and he's answered many questions I've had about various things in life. I'm very close to that family, so it was good to see them all, especially since about two months ago, I went with all of them to Florida. I'm still not quite used to a reception for a wedding performed in a Mormon temple being a few days after the actual wedding though. Sometimes, they actually do the temple wedding, and if the temple is in the same place as where most people are (family etc.), then the reception and wedding happen in the same day, but as we are in Arkansas, the closest temples are in Oklahoma City, Dallas, or Memphis, it's logistically difficult to do. Some receptions not only have the food and meeting the bride tec., but they actually have a ring ceremony or something like that, that everyone regardless of whether or not they can go into the temple can attend. It's completely up to the couples involved, and this reception was pretty much an opportunity to meet the couple, eat food, and talk with the rest of the fam. I'm glad I don't have to worry about the marriage thing for a while, because I'm not going to look forward to planning the wedding thing.

After that, I went to a concert at the coffee shop here on campus called RZ's Coffee House. It was another one of those "church" activities, mostly so, because The Iamb band members are LDS. It was somewhat oxymoronic to have all of these Mormons (probably about 15) packed into a coffee house. I really liked the music though. I might characterize it as almost folksy or singer song writer alternative music. There was a main guitar player and singer, and also a person (George, fourteen years old) who played cello and violin accompaniment. I can't remember what the guitar player's name was, whoops, but he also played mandolin for a couple of pieces. Thirty minutes into the conert, while he was playing the mandolin, somehow he knocked it over, or his guitar just fell over. After he finished playing the song, he picked up the guitar, and realized that the neck had been badly cracked. You could tell he was really sad about this, and he didn't hesitate telling us complete commentary on hos this was his first and only acoustic guitar. "My guitar's ruined now, so I guess that's all guys. Sorry."

One of my friends piped up after this, and told him to wait twenty minutes, and he'd get him his guitar. He said that would be cool, so he played some more mandolin while Spif (his real name is Nick) went and got his guitar. That saved his show, which was a good thing since The Iamb had flown in from California just to play for us at our university. It was their first time to travel, ever, so that was cool that the University of Arkansas had them come.

Not much else going on. I'm for sure going to get things done tomorrow (today now), and we'll also pick up the new tactiles, which I hope to be able to identify more easily. We're hoping that the etchings will be deep enough that I can feel, and that the letters (print letters) will be engraved deep enough so I don't have to waste time brailling anything on my stencils. Should be fun to see what they in the vislab come up with over there in architecture. More sooner rather than later, and thanks for all the comments. Sorry for the longish entry.
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