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Stop the protests! Leave the Innocent Virginia Tech victim's families alone Fred Felps!!!

So I guess I'll have to start by writing about how mad I am at this. Pasted from the Wikipedia Article on the Westboro Baptist Church

On the day of the April 16th 2007 campus massacre on the Virginia Tech campus, the Church declared its intent to protest the funerals of the students killed.
This was announced on the Church's website. On April 19th 2007,
, the Internet registrar responsible for that website and its associated domain had suspended its registration, returning a "
whois" DNS
server entry of "suspended for spam and abuse". Internet searches find no indication of any allegation against Westboro in this respect having been made
public, though a number of journalists and bloggers have expressed revulsion at the Church's plans to picket these funerals.

I don't care what you believe! I don't care what your religious background is! But protesting at inncent students funerals and memorials is absolutely disgusting! I know that protesting at funerals of recently deceased Iraq War Veterans made me mad, but this takes the cake for the maddest I've ever been at the "church" that's lead by Fred Felps. Leave these familys, and all familys who are grieving for the premature loss of their sons and daughters alone. According to Felps's church, the institution of higher education causes rebelliousness to God, therefore, they lump all the students who died in this senseless tragedy into one group of "rebels", and that's the reason why they will protest at every funeral that they find out about. I will continue to pray for the families of those who died, for the gunman and his family, and finally, that this group will have enough sense to not protest. In America, we all have a first amendment right to freedom of speech. Does this first Amendment right extend to protests at funerals? Thankfully, some states have banned this practice. Does the Westboro Baptist Church have a right to hate innocent people just because they don't conform to their beliefs? I'm no law scholar, and they probably have a Constitutional right to protest, but can one cross the line in proclaiming his or her right to speech, especially protesting at funerals? It's the opinion of this writer that picketing the sacred and sometimes sad services, regardless of cause of death, is inhumane, mean, and absolutely despicable! I applaud those who have provided radio time to the church so that other prominent funerals (the recent Ahmish killings, for example) in that they cancelled their picket, but I wish that we as a society did not have to bow to these people's demands, just to keep them from picketing a funeral. I'm not particularly a fan of homosexuality myself, but it everyone has a choice to do what they wish, and it is not my place to judge them. These people seem to have forgotten how much love the Bible contains, and how much love God showed and, in my opinion, continue to show to all of his children. I'll get back to it tomorrow when I can actually search the Bible more readily, but I can't remember too many references in it or any of the other LDS scriptures to the word hate. There are plenty of references to love though (John 3 16 for example). But apparently, "God Hates Fags, and "God Hates America". What??????? I can't write anymore. A daily recolection will come tomorrow when I'm less riled up.

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