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another crazy out there?, yesterdays occurrences.

So we've got a new crazy dude barricading himself in the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. When will this madness end? I'm sure that we'll find out the end to this story, but it just continues to amaze me how people can be so insane. Jeemeny Christmas!!!

Yesterday was a pretty good day, until I found out about the protests and pickets by Fred Felps's group. They haven't been covered by many people in the media, thank goodness (the man need not be covered on the national stage), but this won't me preclude whining about this injustice of a human being's proposed actions. SO sorry about the rant last night. I had to write about it and keep the day-to-day out of it.

I couldn't handle myself today, so downloaded the book The Prestige again so I could listen to it on the computer rather than reading it in braille. I can get through a book much more quickly by listening, so when a book gets more suspenseful, or I just want to get through things, I switch to listening. I got to a point with my current book that I just wanted to read more, plus I can scan another book and read the book I'm interested in, and things go faster and are more exciting when I'm scanning while reading.

I spent my day yesterday (the afternoon) working with the Vislab people at the architectural college making the tactiles for production with Chemcad more tactually differentiable. We're working on getting the markings distinguishable by feel on the plexiglass stencils, and we may be nearing the final iteration (at least for a while) of these stencils before I travel to Oak Ridge. It's been a real blessing to be able to stay here for a while in many ways, but ost of all, we've got these new stencils, and they will help immensely, mostly because we'll be able to print lost of them out (we'll never ru out of our precision stencils in case I need to make a particular design).

The Isaiah class went well last night, and I got to bring one of my friends along which was cool. Nathan seemed to enjoy it, and I think we both enjoyed learning things.

And that's about all. Not feeling too verbose today, but I guess that is ok. I haven't been into Bell today, and I doubt I'll be going in at all, so that is ok. I've finished scanning another book, and have some to submit. This is a good thing, especially since I've got a bit more credit on Bookshare that I need before I can renew my subscription for free again. I haven't had to pay for about five years because I've volunteered a lot. It won't worry if I actually have to pay (I'll owe like $5), but there is tradition :). Not sure what I'm doing tonight, but I do know that there are some things going on. The annual chemical engineering spring banquet is tonight, but I'm thinking I won't be going there. Time will tell, but for now, I need to get back to reading and finishing a few work things. More soon.
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