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There, I've tried to rise to my own damn challenge, but I sure didn't feel like it, grin.

Not seconds after I posted my last journal article did I get a message from the program director telling me he couldn't take my promo, six seconds too long. So consequently, I'm going to try if I can get some more motivation to make another promo, but that will take time. I have more ideas for a shorter one, and I may actually make two. The problem is taht I have so much different types of music that it will make it difficult to cover what I need to cover as far as what world music is. Oh well, they'll have to deal I guess.

Today, like after I post this entry, I'm planning on writing the professors about classes and how the hell I'll complete them. It seems insurmountable now, but I hope to figure it out some time soon. Chemical engineering will have to be in order very soon.

I'm thinking some card playing will have to be in order today. I was so tired last night that I too a shower and fell asleep on my parent's bed. Not good for evening socialization though I am a morning person not an evening one so that makes it somewhat difficult. I even didn't feel like talking on the phone so consequently didn't.

Watching the briefings this orning continues to be disturbing. All of it is narrowed down to a few flashy photographs and videos from observation sattelites. Why does war have to be levelled to a few numbers and a lot of flashiness. Only our fearless leader really unerstands this, and I don't even know if he really does understand it, don't know if he even understands anything but dollar signs, oil, and Texas. More later.
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