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disaster averted and other tales

I'm going to try to get to bed more early than I did last night. That was disgusting, for real, especially when I had to convince myself to get up n time to not miss my ride to church.

Church went well. We have three "metings" that we go to in a normal Sunday, the first being a "normal" church service with sacrament (communion), the second hour Sunday school, and the third hour, a class where we break apart the men and womena nd have classes. I teach the fourth Sunday of every month during the third hour. After doing the journal entry last night, I took really nice, and extensive I might add, notes on the braille notetaker I have (a Pac Mate), and brought everything with me, I thought, to the lesson. At the end of Sunday school, I decided it might be a good idea to open up my notes and read them a second time. They weren't in the location I'd put it, or anywhere on the machine. I got frantic at that point, knowing that my third class to teach would be a HUGE (capitalized bolded italics) disaster, and how I'd try to avert it or feign insanity or death to get out of it. I'm known as being insane already, so that wouldn't work, and I looked really alive, so I was doomed to do the thing. Apparently, what had happened is that I opened up my hymn book in FSEdit. The new Pac Mate allows you to open two instances of FSEdit, so I had one open with the actual talk I was going to teach, and a nother instance with the notes on it. Apparently, when I opened up the hymn book, it opened it over my notes, and for someodd reason, changes weren't saved at all. Not sure if this is a bug, but it sure screwed me up for a while for sure. I had no option but to continue, noteless, relying on memory and prayer, to teach this lesson. And oddly, it went really well. Either my hasty prayer before giving the lesson helped, or I've got a darn good memory which operates well with lack of sleep. I think it was both of these actually. I did mention that I'd lost my notes, so people were happy I could completely pull a lesson partially out of thin air. There were many questions and discussions, so this made life much better for me and my sanity.

I got back in time to take a quick nap, and destressed myself which was nice, and then went to dinner. After dinner, Remington and I home taught someone. It was more of a chatting session rather than a lesson, but that's ok, we had fun. We've got three more people to do, one of which got added to us this week, so we'll be pushing it to get done by th 30th.

So I'm here, writing, after a somewhat contentious hall senate meeting. I'll be somewhat glad to be done with hall senate. I enjoyed it, but toward the end of the year, it's gotten kinda silly :), and I think I'm more ready to get out of the dorm and into some place more permanent than anything. Gotta look up this keyboard someone wants to sell me online and see how much a sustain pedal will cost me, and then I'm headed to bed. More tomorrow.
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