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I haven't been doing much of anything exciting the past couple of days. Most of what I've been doing has been centered around my research, which is kind of cool, but also isn't progressing as fast as I would like it to. There are times when I wish that many things would progress in life much more quickly, and then I remember that patience is one of the main virtues that we must pay attention to. Patience sometimes, when it comes to life events (love, work, friends, what will I do with my life) sometimes maddeningly test my patience. I'm at one of those maddening moments right now, and I'm not sure why, but I just have to keep in mind that I believe that I am taken care of my my Heavenly Father, and that he knows the big picture and I don't. Sometimes, I wish I didn't feel like I was looking at my life's tunnel through a telescope turned upside down. I'm a man who has withstood many trials, I suppose one more won't kill me right?

Got the tactiles back from the Vislab yesterday, and they really looked, and felt, good. I can identify all of the various icons that I need to identify, and it will be interesting to see what Steven comes up with next. Right now, we need to make sure that we can accurately click with the pen in our precisely placed holes. This will take some modifications, but Steven assures me that we can do what is needed. My advisor told me today that he's gotten a couple of signs that others are planning on undertaking the same research that I have with the Tablet PC. This isn't a bad thing, it just shows me that I'm actually making waves in the world of scientific research, and that I, with my publications, will be able to be a reference for these people. I'm learning, very quickly, that research is somewhat like business; there's lots of competition out there, especially for the groundbreaking stuff like what I'm doing, and the more competition the better. I don't know what these people at other universities are doing as it relates to my project, but it's pretty self-satisfying that I'm actually making some form of a difference in the world already, and I haven't even finished my thesis.

Speaking of thesis, I have to work on the introduction to my thesis. Won't be too bad, and will most likely be just a page or so, and then I get to "massage" the two papers into a form that the graduate school will accept as reasonable thesis material. Should be fun, especially when I get that hardbound book with my thesis in it, and see it in the library ccard catalog. That'll be sweet.

I went to a church bbq and after that, watched a broadcast about teaching which was pretty good.

Tomorrow, the momentous day will come where I get my stiches out from my surgery. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this, mostly because I shouldn't need the roof of my mouth protector anymore, and food won't pull on my stitches all the time. That part alone will make my day, for real. I have a friend who had the same surgery that I had but she's having it done on both the top and the bottom gums. I'm feeling sympathy pain as I write this, especially since I only had one tooth done. After I get back from TN, I'll go back to the same doctor, and hope he can hook me up with two implants which will go on my bottom jaw. This should be neat, because I don't have any teeth on the bottom right, and have had to chew on my left side by necessity for years and years. It'll be weird when I have teeth over there. It'll also be expensive, but it's probably a necessary thing.

After stitch removal, I'll head over to Bell again, and we'll go and pick up the new versions of the tactiles. Can't wait! We're getting so close to finishing, then I get to look at that telescope upside down again :(. Hopefully tomorrow will be ok, and that I'll be feeling less trepedation in te morning. With that, I'll close this excitin episode, and leave you for the next day.

Heavenly Father must have the ultimate measure of patience, kindness, and love. Imagine the impatience and sadness he's felt with his unruly sons and daughters from generation to generation. His eternity of love makes my year, month, week, day, hour, minute of impatience seem miniscule compared to his unending tolerance. There's a plan for all of us, we just have to press play, select the correct menu choices on our personal film, and wait for the good parts, all while choosing the right paths. It's the waiting for the good parts I have an issue with, and it's up to Heavenly Father to give me the strength to sit, smile, and wait.
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