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stitches be gone and other excitingness

It's almost J-Time, Jeopardy Time, so I thought I'd write before then. I'm ired of looking at graduate school thesis submission guidelines anyway.

Temperatures have dropped since I left this morning. Last time I checked, it was 50 degrees, cloudy, and very much Anchorage-like. Anchorage-like weather basically entails being soaked to the bone with millions of really really tiny raindrops which have been whipped and tormented into angry swirls and mist. Yuck! It's definitely a hot liquid day, so I'm drinking some cider and thoroughly enjoying myself as I watch Judge Judy go crazy on some dude.

Steven didn't have any new tactiles made when we headed over to the architecture school, so we'll probably pick them up later either today or tomorrow. So, I worked most of the time today at Bell working on a thesis introduction, and getting ready to patch the whole thing together. It'll be neat to get the finished copy; I may even pay the $45 extra to get it officially copyrighted.

I went to the periodontists office again for a while, and got my stitches out. It was a bit painful to get out, and it's still a bit tender, but at least it might be easier to eat without them. I talked with him about implants, and expressed my desire to be mostly out of it when he drills into me. I might not need that, but I'm a bit freaked out with drilling into bone, and I'd rather not remember much of it.

I've got Isaiah class today, and it should be good. We have one more class to go this semester. I'm not saying I'm an Isaiah expert, I'm far from that, but in reading it and going to classes, I've been able to learn much. Isaiah as so complicated that I learn every time I even read the chapters over again.

And that's about all. I'm trying to keep warm. I'm feeling much more calm, and more focussed today, so I'm thankful for that. I must remain patient, and everything will fall into place. More soon.
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