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a two day recap

Today's been a day spen doing not much of anything. Friday didn't entail much of anything either for that matter, but I'll try to detail it anyway. Today, I had to go on a predatory search for dryers after washing my clothes. That ended up being fruitful, even if I had to go tothe fourth floor to find said dryers, and even if I had to wait for about thirty minutes before putting clothes into the dryer. Now I have clean sheets, which I can't wait to get between once I finish this entry, and that is good. I also talked to a couple of friends, and gave lots of advice to people. I don't know what it is about me and giving advice, but I do enjoy listening, and people seem to like that, so ... so was today's social interactions.

At 6, I went to what was supposed to be a baptism for a guy named Carlos at 6 at the church near the mall. The short story is that Carlos didn't show up. I've never been to a baptism that's happened that way. It was actually sad, especially since for me, it was such a big and important day. That was me though, and all that I can do is pray that he decides to get baptized again sometime soon. The guy who organized it all was pretty much in tears at the end of it. We'll see what happens. The whole room was pretty filled up so that's good that at least there was theoretical support.

Got to talk to one of my friends, Cindy, who had the same gum surgery that I had. She had it done all over her mouth, so we shared war stories, and enjoyed it. I told her that she should save some pain medicine for when the stitches come out. It was a slightly painful process, which I didn't describe in detail, but face it to say, it was slightly painful. I haven't talked to Cindy in a while, so it was neat to talk, even if it was to share war/pain/gum stories. Gotta love those. I can't wait to chalk up more stories when I get more platinum screwed into me in a few months. Yayness.

I was theoretically going to play some MEAN Scrabble tonight with someone, but she became busy at the last minute, so we had to forgo those plans for later. And later, there will be some Scrabble played, I assure you, I just don't know when. It's been too long since I've played the game.

Yesterday, I spent much of the day working on the mechanics of putting my thesis together into the exacting standards of the graduate school's manual. I've done as much as I can at this point, so now Bob, my advisor, has the manuscript and is (probably not currently) ripping it to shreds and resewing it all together. I've learned how complicated Word can be if you really want it to be complicated. Especially if you want it to generate your table of contents for you. Anything that you want word to automagically generate causes headaches and general soul pain.

Friday night, I went to Hogfest, a Friday Night Live activity. I went there mostly because they closed the dining hall so as to force us unsuspecting students to participate in the activity. I'm not saying I didn't have fun, don't get me wrong, but it was pretty backhanded for sure. Yeah, so was the time we closed the dining hall to make people go to the Quad's block party. The theme was agricultural and piglike in nature, they even had a pig petting zoo. I felt kinda sorry for the pigs in the enclosures, they made really painful squealing noises every once in a while. I wondered if some person wasn't pinching them or something. They also had sausage for dinner. They had a mechanical bull which you could ride and try to stay on (I didn't do this). They had a gimicky button making machine where they took our pictures (me, Britany, Denise, and Chrissy, all friends), and they made buttons out of our pictures. There was a lot to do, including, of course, karyoke, and I stayed there much later than I expected to. I did enjoy watching Charlotte's Web, about half of it that is, and if I might avoid sounding too weird, I actually thought it was cute. I introduced Britany to the wonders of the Italian Soda, and even though they were out of cherry, strawberry still sufficed, and it definitely helped to take the mind off the pain of listening to bad singers singing karyoke all evening. It was much more fun than I thought it would be.

Tomorrow, I'm going to church, as usual, and we'll be having ward conference (a meeting where leaders from the general area come to talk to us). Britany, Chrissie, Denise, and I are also planning on making tasty sandwiches tomorrow evening before I go home teaching for the last time this month. At 5, Britany invited us to attend "Mass on the Grass" a Catholica mass held on the Old Main Lawn. That should definitely be an experience for sure.

And that's today, yesterday, and tomorrow in a nutshell. Man, I wish summing up past, present, and future was so easy every time. More soon.
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