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habla espanol, my research, picnicks, and rain

Yet another late night with the Suns. I'm beginning to hate Mountain Standard time and what impact it's going to have on my evenings. Might as well spend this half time (well, it's over now, so the ame will start but anyway) writing in me exciting journal. Not much has been going on very exciting lately. Meant to mention that on Sunday, I also saw my old Spanish teacher from high school, from high school!!! Wow! Mrs. Armstrong was probably my favorite Spanish teacher, and she really pushed me to practica mi espanol siempre. The odd thing was that I saw her at my church. I guess I didn't realize that all through my studies, she was LDS. She's very anti talking about religion in class, so that's cool. It was really cool seeing her, but I was disappointed in myself that I didn't remember her voice when she questioned me out of the blue. I guess I just didn't expect to see her AT MY CHURCH, so that's wy she threw me for a loop. I don't know why I didn't write that on Sunday, I guess I was slightly preoccupied.

Research has been going well, very well. I am continuing to try to keep a positive outlook on this internship. Any plans that I have and any people I have met I will see soon enough. I'm firming up plans to get a PHD, and we'll be searching for funding soon. I may have to take the GRE again as well, after studying of course, and I don't have a problem with it if it gets me a $40k stypend. I guess for a PHD, all bets are off for stipends. For a masters student, you kind of have a salary cap, but for a PHD, if you can convince people to give you money, and if you can convince them that your research is important to the university, then you're good.

We spent the day hurrying up preparations for leaving on Saturday. We continue to modify things, and we still haen't finished. We spent about an hour or two over in the Vislab cutting shapes. Steven is amazing at Autocad, and we definitely couldn't have done this thing without him. By tomorrow, we should have about 150 different pieces that I will design with, all of which have been refined to about as good as we can make them. I think we're on tactile design marc 6 or so by now. This stuff really could help some people, and I'm excited to be possibly able to continue doing the research.

Tomorrow, I won't be going in to Bell, but will start on another research paper, and I also have some proposals to check out. On Thursday, I'm planning to have a picnick with someone, and really, Thursday isn't a good day to have a picnick because of the chances of rain, but I don't have much of a choice since we have so little time left. It should be fun whether or not we picnick inside or outsde. It will be a first for me though, as I have never planned anything like this before. I have resolved to stay positive, so I'm gonna say that it'll be a success, I hope :).

And that's about all from here. It's been raining quite a bit lately; Fayetteville has gotten a shade over an inch of rain due to a stubborn low pressure system which refuses to move. Tomorrow, there's a 60% chance of rain, but I'll believe the forecasts when the rain actually falls. Today's chances of rain was 80%, and it didn't rain very much at all.

More soon. Suns are leading, but the margin's getting closer. Oh well, at least it's a good game.

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