Ner (djner) wrote,

an extremely quiet Saturday

I need to keep thinking of good things that are going on here in Oak Ridge as far as weekends so here goes:

1. Cokes in the Coke machine are only $.75 for a 20 OZ. bottle. They haven't been that cheap anwhere I've been since like high school and that was a long time ago.
2. I talked using Morse Code to one of my friends in Fayetteville at over 25 words per minute. It was extermely nerdy, especially since we scheduled it over messenger and then talked for about 30 minutes using beeps, but I liked it and it made me smile.
3. I've been using Facebook waytoo much and listening to XM way too much, but it provides noise, something that is quite lacking here.
4. It was an absolutely beautiful day out there. I thought of going to the pool and hanging out, but didn't do it.

It's been, as the subject line states, an extremely quiet Saturday. I knew that this might happen before I signed up for this deal, but it still was a bit of a shock the first day of a weekend where I've had nothing to do. I was talking to one of my friends on messenger last night dlambert and I definitely agree, being in a dorm is much different than living by oneself in an apartment. Even if you live by yourself, you've got ambient noise to fill in the gaps, and people you can talk to in the halls. I had three other room mates. Here, I've got 950 square feet to fill and Fiona's the nly one who talks back. At least I've got her :).

I'm waiting for word on how I'm going to get to church tomorrow, and if I don't get a call, I'll call the bishop and ask about it after I get done writing.

And that's about all that's going on currently. Enjoyed talking to controlg on the phone. Getting those calls are awesome.

Well, suppose I should get going so I can get scripture studying done before I fall asleep prematurely. More soon.

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