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an update

One of the guys from the ward gave me a call and everything's set up for someone to pick me up. It turns out that there are several church members out here near me, so it shouldn't be a huge issue to get me to and from church. This relieves lots of stress as far as this goes; I knew that they would figure out something, but I never know. This should go to number 6 of my "things that happened good" lis because it's definitely been a good thing.

Before I go, I just want to say that Latin Pop really is cool. Been listening to an xm channel with Spanish Pop on it, and though it sounds like English pop with Spanish words, it's new. I'm sure it'll start replaying songs (I've already heard replays a couple of times), but anyway. The words seem to be reasonably clean which is also a bonus, but that could be just because I'm not understanding everything that's sung.

More later. The guy who is my supervisor here, Hop, was talking about picking me up tomorrow afternoon to go driving around, so we'll see what happens. Should be much less quiet tomorrw which will be a good thing, then I'll have the week and then another weekend and then another week, etc. Routine will be good, and once I have that routine, I think I'll be able to manage this thing and learn lots at the same time.
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