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Sunday through Tuesday recap, church networking, Southern talkin with Glen, and other asundries

It's time for another update. Again, I need to make sure that I write more often, ensuring that my entries aren't as long as these ones get, but anyway. So I'll cut the entry so that I don't take up lots and lots of space on friends pages.

Tonight's been a bit less quiet and lonely then the past few nights. Right after I got home from work, I got a knock on my door, and I was like who could this be because no one but people from church know I'm here. Apparently the elder mssionaries were in the area so they came by and we had a chat. One of the elders was a regular elder for this area, Elder Rasmissen, and the other was an Elder, Elder Black, from a place nearby here on an exchange (they basically send the missionaries to different areas to get to know people). It was neat to see them, especially since I don't know too many people here. After dinner and Jeopardy, almost immediately after final jeopardy in fact, the bishop and another guy came over randomly and chatted with me for about an hour. I feel very welcomed to this area.

I've been getting to work as on time as I can using Oak Ridge Transit. They get there when they say they will, and it's always the same driver which is good too, especially since he now knows where I need to be dropped off. Glen is his name, and he's very very friendly, loves to talk to me, and just generally seems pretty happy doing what he does, either that or he thinks I'm hilarious. Yesterday, he picked me up for the first time, and when we got to the office building, he dropped me off at what we thought was my office. The office complex is pretty big with several office buildings, so sometimes signage confuses people, so when I got off I walked into the door right in front of me, and knew something was wrong with I was asked if anyone could help me. Glen stuck around thankfully, and luckily someone was in the office to direct us to the right building. Glen's really southern, and he describes the office building I need to go to as "goin into the backwoods". I really can't write exactly how Glen speaks, but I would say take the normal Southern accent and multiply it by like ten. The trip usually consists of us talking about politics, life, or something like that. A very neat guy.

Today and yesterday, I've been getting this demonstration ready so that it can be put on the company's web site. We're trying to demonstrate a service that can be provided. I won't expound on it too much until we actually get it on the web site, but it's pretty neat and nerdy, and this is why I like it :). I've done two versions of a simulation that we'll use for the demo, and though it's taken me longer because of various computer issues (I really really hate Office 2007), I'm making progress and trying to make some people believe that I can actually produce stuff. When this is done, I'm not sure what I'll do, but I hope some of it will involve doing some private sector chemical engineering work. Time seems to go by relatively quickly when I'm doing work, and that's good. At least now, I'm not feeling that much pressure; I go into work, do my job, and then report at the end of the day as to what I'm doing. I'm starting to get used to how the company works. Basically, everyone pretty much hangs out in their offices doing individual work. No one's there to watch you and make sure you're doing what you need to be doing, and no one is there to hold your hand through the whole project. I'm working with a guy named on some computery stuff, and it's really cool. I just hope that I'm not taking up too much of his time, and that I'll be able to do as much of it as I can. I think things are going well for work, now if I can get through the other stuff, I'll be ok, and I think I will be able to do that too.

And now onto Sunday. I got picked up on time by a guy named Brother Schwangles (Forrest is his first name). He's a nerd like me working on computer stuff, and so we got along even though our ages are quite different. When we got to church, it was really weird because people were randomly coming up to me asking me if I was Noel. ome to find out that these people were in the bishopric, so knew I was coming mostly from the bishop. Church was really good, and people all through the meetings were very friendly to me. I was definitely a big hit with the kids who wondered why there was a dog in church. They're working on getting people lined out to help me get to stores and stuff, even though I probably can get to them on public "transport", but I think I'll take advantage of these people, mostly because they'll help me find things hopefully. I'm just trying to build a support network, and that will be a really good thing..

I went with Hop in the afternoon driving around north of Oak Ridge. We drope up past Clinton, TN to the Clinch River where we went up to the dam there. It was really big, and sounded cool because of all the water going over it. We also took the advantage of the drive to talk about STUFF from work to life. He's a very interesting guy, aand I'm sure I'll learn lots from him. We also went a bit west of where I live to his house which is actuallly a log cabin in the middle of the woods. It's a log cabin on the exterior, but has hard wood floors, very modern apliances, and satellite TV, but it's a log cabin and that's ultra cool. We're planning on going "trout fishin'" sometime soon, and that should be fun, especially since I haven't fished in a while.

And that's about all from here. This has been the best night I've had here. Talked to Cypris on ham radio tonight with my very small antenna, so I was pretty excited about that, especially since I've got such a minimal setup. Need to go so I can make a contact with my friend Bernie and Arkansas. I'll write tomorrow. I'm going to see Shrek 3 on Thursday which should be really cool. More soon.
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