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simulating for real people, Shrek the Third, and radiation in the drinking water

I haven't been writing the past few days, mostly because I've had things to do, and that's been good. Last night, really enjoyed Shrek The Third. I'm always amazed at how clever they weave all of the fairy tales into the Shrek storyline. It kind of reminds of of how Terry Pratchett weaves fairy tales into his Discworld series. My friend Christy came with her friend Tony, and we had a great time. It was good to see Christy again, and it was neat to meet Tony too, he might be neat to hang out with him later. Tony's never tried Big Ed's Pizza, so some day, we're going to go and give him the Oak Ridge tour of pizza.

Today and yesterday have been really good at work, and I've gotten lots done. The guy I've been doing stuff for Joel came to my office yesterday and said that he wanted me to work on a project for a client. I knew I'd feel pressure doing work for a client, mostly because I'd have to keep track of time and cost companies money. I got the simulation that Joel wanted (we're working to get a whole plant done, so I'm doing pieces of it), and also got another piece of the plant done today. Joel told me today that I was doing stuff too fast for him to check it out. Made me feel good that I could operate "in the real world" and do it at a level of engineering that sighted people can do. I'll definitely have things to write about for my thesis, and I'm glad they'll be mostly good. I've found problems with what we're doing, but it's been good that I've been doing these simulations completely on my own.

Tomorrow, Glen's picking me up about 10 and I'm going to Wal Mart for the first time by myself. I get to rely on the nice Wal Mart people to help me shop, so hopefully it will go well. I forgot my headphones at the office, so hopefully he'll take me over there for like two seconds, and then we're going to Big Ed's and I'm going to pick up pizza. Forget this cooking stuff, I can only do that so often :).

I went out with the elders tonight and we had I really enjoyed myself. They asked me if I would teach part of the lesson, so in a dead time at work, I read what I needed to, and presented it pretty well, I hope. After we taught the lesson to a lady who had just been baptized (sometime I'll have to write her story here, it's pretty amazing), we went over to a guy's house whose looking into the church. He's got a staff infection, so we had lots to talk about, being that I'm familiar with what it's like to be on IV antibiotics and have that type of bone infection. Not fun stuff.

Anyway, suppose I'll go. I need to get to bed at a reasonable time so I can be ready to leave nearish to 10 for my big adventure in town. I still miss Fayetteville and people there w ehole lot, but I'm definitely starting to adjust to Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge is where the atomic bomb was developed, and I've been advised to watch the drinking water here for radiation, and I talked to a guy on ham radio who said that at some point in the 80s, they had to tanker in all the drinking water because of radiation. I'd hope that it's better now, but I still worry as I drink lots of water from the tap, mostly because I think it's ridiculous to pay as much as you might pay for gasoline, for water. So I'll probably glow when I get back to Fayetteville, and I'll share my glowiness with EVERYONE!!!!! Yay!!!! More soon.

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