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church, the catastrophic failure of the Cherry Coke Can, and Saturday

Well, Sunday's almost over, and though it's been quiet, the radio and the phone have been keeping me busy. That, and I've started reading again which is also a bonus.

Church was good today. They transferred my records to the Oak Ridge Ward, so I'm no longer a member of the Fayetteville University Ward, at least for now. In the LDS church, things are done geographically, so if you live in an area for a while, they transfer your records (your ordinations, birth date, address, etc.), so that's what they've done. They recognized me today in the sacramant service, so I had to stand up so that people could see me and welcome me. I still can't get used to people calling me Brother Romey all the time, and I almost wish they'd just use first names, but that's how they do things, so I won't complain too much. All the men got up during the service as well and sung a hymn, and that was cool, except for the fact that my Pac Mate decided to crash in the middle of things, and so I had to lip sing some of the song while I was up there haha.

I came back here after church and decided I would heat up this pizza I got yesterday (I'll talk about the trip to Wal Mart and Big Ed's here in a minute). The heating up of the pizza went ok, but the problems all started when I got a cherry Coke out of the box. I opened the box so that I could take one can out at a time (along the perforations on the front of the box). Apparently, when I opened the box, I losened the very front of the box, so there was nothing holding the cans in. I'd taken a can out yesterday, so figured it was ok, and I knew I'd done this yesterday too. So, I took another can out this afternoon and all was well until like ten seconds later when a, as we call it in the chemical industry, a catastrophic failure of the Coke Holding system took place. The cans all chain reaction came out of the box and onto the floor. This would have been ok had not one of the cans hit the corner of the chair at the right place, causing a catastrophic failure of said can and subsequent explosion of cherry coke over everything. I picked up said failed can, and took it over to the sink, all the way leaking Coke all over the floor and carpet. I swear I had Resolve Carpet Cleaner, but apparently it either didn't get packed or it's over in Fayetteville at the Institute, because I had no carpet cleaner, so I have this really sticky spot, or relatiely sticky I should say, in the middle of my carpet now. I wiped it up (the linoleum in the kitchen and sopped up some on the carpet), but it won't be the same until I get some real carpet cleanin goin on yo. I've got all of the cherry Cokes set out of the box on my shelf here, and they are now all accounted for minus the exploded can (One can's been MIA for most of the day, but I found him tonight).

I've been talking on the radio this evening which is cool. I've got a main repeater I hang out on in the evenings which I seem to have fit into pretty well, so that's cool. Haven't talked to too many people outside of radio or church that are from here, but everyone I've talked to has been really friendly.

That's about it for tonight. Brother Schwengles (the guy whose been picking me up for church) invited me to come to his house for a Memorial Day BBQ, so that should be fun, and it'll mean I don't have to cook dinner tomorrow, yay!!!! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do anything tomorrow, so that is really good.

Yesterday, I went into Wal-Mart on Oak Ridge Transit, and it went well. Glen picked me up and got me over to the mart, and they found someone after I got to customer service, who helped me out. Linda's done the guiding thing quite a bit before. Apparently, there are blind people that come in on Saturday, and if you come in on Saturday, and you're blind, they give you Linda. This is a good thing, because Linda knows how to shop. Linda knows where everything is. And ... Linda finds cheap things and likes to comment on what you're getting :). She made shopping fun, and that takes a lot for me to say that. Glen couldn't come until like 12:30, so I sat there for an hour and listened to people comment on Fiona. Then he came and took my stuff and put it in the van. I forgot my headphones at the ofice, so we dropped by there and I picked them up, and then we picked up pizza at Big Ed's. Glen was nice enough to take all of my stuff inside so that I could put it away. That's been the thing that's worried me the most about going to the store; my ability to carry stuff inside. I'm not sure if all of the drivers will do this, but Glen's cool about it, and I really appreciate him going the extra mile. I still have a group of people from church who will help me get to the store, but if I can't get help from them, I should have no problems getting around with the help from Wal Mart.

And that about all covers it. I started this entry about 9:30, but I've been distracted so much that it's taken me three hours. So I'll pst and o to bed before I get further distracted. More soon.
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