Ner (djner) wrote,

A quick update

I'm at work waiting for a spreadhseet that I'm going to edit to come back to me, so I thought I would send in a quick update. I'm not going to guarantee that I will have a spelling error freee entry, but that's not abnormal anyway.

I haven't been writing that much this week because there's not been that much I really wanted to write about. Come on, what's exciting about "well, I got home from work today and made some ... um ... really tasty??? dinner??? and then got on the radio or read or went to bed?) That's basically what I've been doing. t work, I'm kind of at a lull for design and/or simulation work, so they've put me on an Excel project which includes a bit of programming and some cleanup. It's important to the company, so I'm going to do it, but I've really enjoyed doing simulations, so it'll be good when I can get to doing those as well. Hop told me yesterday that I didn't have to show them that I was an efficient worker now, hat they knew I could do things fast, and that it was ok to slow down sometims. I'm trying, but there's only so much I can slow down to fill the whole day.

I bought an antenna tuner on a traders net last night. I technically don't need a tuner, but if I want to use a random wire antenna or smething some day or better yet load up the rain gutter outside my room, then I'll need the tuner. I got it for $50 which was higher than what I bid, but was low eough, annd should do better than the internal automatic tuner in my radio in the long run. Should be interesting to figure out how to use it, but I think I got a good deal, so that's a good thing, in a really nerdy way, for sure.

Been writing a letter for a couple of days, and I finally sent it yesterday. I've neer taken two days to write an email, that would be weird, but it seems somewhat natural to take that long to write a letter on paper.

Well, I think that'll have to about do it for now from here. I may have to go down and try to get this spreadsheet sent to me sooner rather than later asn I really want to work on it now and have ideas on how it can be done, and I want to take advantage of my current motivation. More, probably tonight.
Tags: ham radio, internship

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