Ner (djner) wrote,

life, files, and coffee all corsing

Time for yet another update as I drink my chocolate flavored coffee. I'm actually using those chocolate drops I got a long time ago. The Coolumbian coffee just didn't taste too cool so I had to doctor it up. The drops make it somewhat chocolatey, a hint of chocolate more than anything, but make the coffee drinkable and therefore satisfying. It's satisfying enough to write I should say.

I played with the limiter a bit last night and think I have found settings satisfactory enough to broadcast with. I won't use it for the KXUA broadcast as they have compressors out the ass on the signal, but it's still going to pretty much rock. If you would like to listen, point your browser to KXUA Radio and list or I'll have to kick all your asses. I'm on at 8 pm central to 10 pm central, vorbis should help my signal immensely if I can kepe a signal for more than 2 seconds. We'll see.

Plans for today include possibly downloading some newage cool stuff. I'm currently downloading some cool ass Paul Schwartz which should add nicely to my collection. I also plan to get some more electronic as I had a few requests for stuff I didn't have. Basically I'm trying to build the most kidk ass new age and relaxing contemplative music collection ever. Damn I just said ass a lot of times in this entry, megan, a count please?

I should also do some work but we all know that may or may not happen. The movie for tomorrow described is Toy story, maybe I should just procure it before hand and watch it when I have time if that's possible.

Anyway, so ends another in the series of "Ner's a dork" journal entries. Someone try to piss me off and I'll get all insightful. No one's done that yet. Anyone want to try. More later.

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