Ner (djner) wrote,

work excitingness, church activities, and indecisive weather

My pizza would have been so much better if I could have read the instructions and realized that it in fact did scan slightly halfway through the process. Apparently, you were supposed to remove the pizza from the cardboard before baking (I got one of those self-rising pizzas. It turned out ok, but the cheese got a bit on the crisp side because I took the pizza out a bit before it was done to scrape it off of the cardboard and continue baking. Oh well, it should reheat well, which is good for lunches and that's all I care about.

It's been pretty busy at work the past couple of days as we're getting closer to putting this demo up on the web site. The project I've also been working on for a couple of weeks is getting close to completion, so I've been trying to help out with that as well. Today was a bit on the tough sidd, mostly because I've been working on writing up the script for the video demo of this Excel thing we're working on. I like doing the simulations much more than writing. I don't know, it seems when I get out of my engineering element, the day goes slower, but this is all part of the internship, so I'm ok with it sometimes.

I've been to two church activities on Sunday evening and yesterday with Jessica. It's really good to be able to get out sometimews; making a new friend in the process is awesome too. Tomorrow is Institute, so we'll make the trek to Knoxville in the evening after dinner at her house (her Dad wants to meet me). Should be fun. I've taken this class before, but it still should be good to see how different teachers work. I'll be in close proximity to the University of Tennessee campus, and that should be interesting too. I think I can handle myself, restrain the Arkansas Razorback in me, and be civil, but you never know. I think one rendition of Rocky Top might just send me over the edge,so hopefully we'll stay away from that. There's a dance on Saturday, and I think we're going to that as well. My Mom's coming on Tuesday, so that's going to be fun. At least I'll be able to not be as lonely in the evenings.

The skies are very indecisive at the moment. There are rumblings of thunder around, but I think it's only dripped a bit. It's rained around the area, but not here. It did rain on Sunday, but we need more.

Well, that's all I can think of to write about now, so I'll close for now. Sorry this has been a boring entry for those reading it, what can I say, my life's not that hugely exciting at times. More soon.

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