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I've got scriptures to read and I'm tired, but I don't want to leave writing in this journal too long like I have in the past.

Yesterday, my talk at church went much better than I thought it would. I got all of my references pulled and copied down into a reasonably ordered fashion, and ... and this is important, my technology didn't fail me at the as I stood up in front of the congregation. If you would have asked me if I thought I'd have been speaking in this setting at the beginning of this journal, I would have never thought it would be possible. People seemed to learn from what I had to say, and were pretty positive towards me about it, so I guess at the least they'll probably assign me another one soon :). I thought it was funny though that most of the people I talked to thought I had all of my scriptures and quotes memorized. I guess they didn't look at my hands, and I definitely didn't look down at my notes. My eye contact was superb! Yay!

I spent the rest of the Sunday at the Oak Ridge family's house just hanging out, napping, and reading. One of the sisters in the family had a birthday, so we had dinner for her. Apparently for birthdays, Brother Levine (Ellis and/or Dad) makes the kid's favorite meal. I was told to start thinking about what I wanted for my birthday. The price for this tasty food is that the family gets to tell all kinds of stories about you and your childhood. They told me that they would be calling my Mom on speakerphone and getting stories that way. I can deal with that for some of Ellis's tasty food. He's an awesome cook and makes my cooking, at least at this point, look disgusting. I left late after reading some of the Seven Habits of Highly Successful people which I'm reading with Serena, one of the sisters in the family (there are eleven kids in the family in total though only two live at home still). It's definitely a good book, and has been helping me keep a better view on how I'm looking at things in life.

Today at work, I worked mostly on scripting Chemcad, the program I use for chemical plant simulation, to scroll accurately around on the design surface. I had to do this because there's only so much you can fit on one screen, even when you use my huge screen. So if I want to make two parts of a plant into one simulation, I must be able to scroll to a new clean screen. There are still some issues that Chemcad must fix, so that's annoying, but at least I can reliably get to a new screen and have already started building onto my existing simulation. This is very cool indeed. Apparently, these problems I'm encountering have been problems for years, so one of the uys in the office who has used Chemcad forever was really excited and empowered to be able to call Chemcad and tell them that now they had another reason to fix the problems. Does anyone know of any other application that allows you to easily copy things, but when you paste them, it places them randomly on the screen. Insane I tell ya. Oh well, I'm very far ahead of where I have been, and I've restarted looking at scripting this thing. Right now I've been using lots of Jaws Cursoring and mouse clicks (not a lot but some), and it's probably high time to fix them since I am not working any billable work (not getting paid). Hey, I'll probably never get a chance to publish a jaws script, I might as well do it while I have the chance :). Sorry for the technobabbl. Work went well today. I have lots to do tomorrow, and I'll definitely be praying that when I get this simulation put together and the column specified, that it all actually converges. This is the only thing I have an issue with in simulations, I have to trust that the math will all work out, and also trust that the specifications will match what I've been given. They probably won't, so I'll get to do some good old fashioned chemical engineering to figure out what's wrong.

That's about all that is going on. Welcome back to amazingstar It's been ages.

More soon, I'm going to bed, for real.

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