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I've got to get some stuff done today, but before I do, I want to talk about my experience at the two placces I went to for breakfast. Yesterday, I went to McDonalds to get a sausage, egg, and cheese muffin or two. After I got done, this lady started talking to me about my dog. That's not abnormal, but what she said next was.

"You married?" she asks?
me: "what?"
Her: "You married?"
Me: "uh, no."
her: "I heard dat, you a single man."
me: "Yeah, I'm single."

Never, ever, have I been hit on in MMcDonalds before, and I hope it never happens again. If I ever go back for breakfast on the way to work, I hope it won't happen again. I can see it now, where did you meet her? "Oh,in McDonalds over a tasty breakfast of sausage egg and cheese muffins and hash browns." I thought I'd experienced everything.

We pick up Laura sometimes to take her to work. She works at this bagle place here in town on the way to work. I like it when e pick her up because I get to stop if I need to and get breakfast. I got a brekfast bagle the other day and it was good, but today I decided to get lunch. I got a club sandwich on French bread. Thinking that I like pasta salad, I got that too. When I got it back here, I opened up the bag, and there was my sandwich. It was HUGE, like deadly weapon size. I'm wondering how I am going to eat it, but if I don't, at least I'llhave breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a few weeks.

I have billable work today, and fixing a simulation, so hopefully I'll get it all done or at least progress. So progress I must. More later, I have plans later, so might not be able to write. More soon.

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