Ner (djner) wrote,

really happy

I suppose the reason why I am happy is a sign that I am a true dork. Basically, and I won't go into detail because it'll bore you to tears and I don't want to do that to people is i figured out a problem with winamp that no one could figure out before. It basically allows me to use a compressor program that is a lot better than the one I was using before. It's really cool because I can kind of gain the respect of the ACB Radio people this way, tell them that I am here to help, not to break the project down as some thought upon my joining from TPR.

I just finishedtea, a bit early but oh well, and I feel like having lots and lots more tea. I'm so feeling good!! My show is going to rock, vorbis is working perfectly now, and my show will sounds heaps better on the new server. Thanks for listening to maniacle ner. I know, I should drink some alcohol or something Anna but no, no need for that. More later after my show.

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