Ner (djner) wrote,

The alarm went off this morning at the ripe hour of 3:30. Yuck!

I haven't been doing much today but going to Wal Mart in the morning, and then coming back here to take a nap, being that I didn't sleep much last night. I did end up sleeping for about two hours which was a really good thing. I hope I will be tired enough to sleep tonight. Called the maintenance guy today on his cel phone, and he said he'd moved one of the smoke alarms again, and he said he'd come back by here and move it again, so hopefully there won't be any rude awakenings. Who knows.

I talked to one of my old friends today about The Seeing Eye and what I should expect. Lots has changed, and I really haven't kept up with much of what's new there. I"m sure I will do fine as I get closer to getting a new dog, but I don't know. I'll definitely be writing a lot about it here when I do go, because I didn't write about it when I first went. It would have been neat if I would have written. Actually I think I did write a bit, but I haven't been able to find those writings. That's the problem with keeping electronic records, letters, or anything like that. We shall see what happens, but as I get closer, I wonder what it will be like to get a new dog, and just how that dog will be. It was great to talk tomy friend Tabatha again, and we've pledged to do a better job at keeping in touch. We know too much about each other not to keep in touch.

Well, that's about all I can think of to write. Back to reading. More tomorrow.

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