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It's kind of weird to hear from my dad that my Grandma misses my journal. There's always things to write about, even though they would probably be boring, but by the time I get home, I'm usually pretty tired, and wind down reading. Either that or I'm doing church stuff, which I am doing mostly on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I've been doing the work thing,and it's consumed me pretty much lately. I've been working on a project which I enjoy very much. It really makes me realize that I learned a lot in my years in school. Getting experience in a work place, even if it is in front of a computer screen, is invaluable. I really would like to do this stuff for a living, I enjoy being an engineer, but at this point there's not technology out there that will help me be a self-sufficient engineer with all of the reading that I would have to do. So now at least, I'm planning to do the PHD thing and either develop some technology or find something else to do in the chemical engineering field.

Not sure if I wrote this here yet, but I'm planning to stay here until right before I go to get a new dog in mid November. I don't regret doing it as I'm getting more experience here than I would in Fayetteville waiting for the PHD to begin. I'll have to get working on the description for my thesis of this internship though, and after I do that, I'll be close to being done with the thing.

My birthday is next Tuesday, and it's going to be kind of weird to celebrate it here. I'm going over to the Levine's on Sunday, as usual, and Brother Levine is making fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy etc., for my birthday dinner. I don't want anything else for my birthday. Fried chicken is definitely a good 28th birthday present. Actually, I'm looking forward to the Razorbacks game and the football season the the Saturday after next more than I'm looking forward to turning a year older.

My friend Dave and I had burgers on the grill tonight. They were good. He's leaving for Arizona next Monday, and though he gives me a hard time all the time, I guess I'll miss having someone around to hang out with here at the complex.

And sadly, that's about all I can think of to write about. Getting close to finishing 1634: The Galileo Affair by Eric Flint. It is definitely a good book, and fits into the series nicely. Eric flint does some really neat things with how he gets out lots of writings in his 1632 universe in that he lets authors collaborate with him. I guess I haven't read much of the others collaborators, but I can't tell when one author starts and another begins which I guess is good. Time to get ready to go to bed/work. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day as I have to call a column vendor to see about getting this design going and more refined, that and learn some more. I am presenting my simulation evention (basically my thesis) on Thursday, so I have to make sure I know what I'm doing tomorrow and the next day so I can impress and teach. Just writing about these things make me tired, so I'll go now while I'm ahead.

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