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I'm at work trying to stop my elbow from hurting. These past few days I've developed what I think is tendonitis, and this morning, it's particularly bad. I think I actually developed it because I've been reading a lot of braille lately. I'm just going to have to face it, it was caused by my week long marathon session of reading Harry Potter. I also think that reaching across my screen to place the icons I use to do simulations doesn't help things. As I continue to get old, I hope this doesn't get worse because I really love reading braille, and I'd hate to not be able to do it. Typing this entry probably isn't helping things either, but I'm long due for an update. I'm not going to make excuses, but I must face the facts that I'm a Live Journal Loser. I know for sure that as I get closer to leavig for Salt Lake next month I'll be posting more frequently. Lots of new things are about to happen in life too, and I don't want to forget them.

Lately, I have been doing the norml things at work. Right now I'm working on simulating a particularly confusing surfur recovery plant. Perhaps when I finish, I'll try to post a picture of the finished product. It's basically a mess of crossing lines and I have to keep it straight in my head where material is flowing. It still doesn't make me hate chemical engineering, but it is a challenge and I love the odd challenge from time to time. I'm also working on a job for a client that wants to make an ultra pure material. We've een working with these people for a month or so, and it's quite difficult to make sure that the results the computer is telling us will occur, actually happens in the real world.

I've decided to move from my apartment at the western end of town to the place where I usually go on Sundays. The house is in the middle of town, and the rent will be much cheaaper than what I'm paying now. Ellis (the dad) has gone to take a new job, and they offered me a room there if I would "take care of the family". I cook there one a week, or have started doing that, and it's been an adventre. It's definitely a messy proposition when I get into the kitchen though I'm getting better withh that, but I am definitely getting more comfortable in the kitchen, and am progressing to making more complicated things, more complicated, definitely, than macaroni and cheess or hamburger helper. It took a lot of thinking and praying to decide to move from the familiar apartment to there, but since I've been there so much, I've been able to become very familiar with that house. Now the issue is just going to be that I have to move all of my stuff in there. I had some worry that it might not be a good idea because I wouldn't be able to be as on my own as I had been, but there have been many times at Westgate that I have been very lonely, and at the Levines, this won't be the case. I have my own room, and will be able to have alone time if I need it, but having a famil around will truly be a blessing I think, for both the family and me.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in a prior entry, but I am staying here at least until November. The Seeing Eye has not called me back about any details of the impending trip to New Jersey in Mid November. I fear that it may actually not happen then, that they may not have a dog for me at that time, so if that's the case, I'll be here until the end of the semester. I keep thinking that they might reject me because I got injured a lot at the beginning of etting Fiona. If that happens, then I'll figure something out I guess :(.I'm enjoying the situation much more than I expected to, and I am learning lots about life, work, and the real world.

So I'm planning on moving in completely to the Levines tomorrow at some point. I really don't have to muce "stuff" that I'll have to take over there in the grand scheme of things. I hope also that getting everything together will help me pare stuff down so that I can take it all back when and if I can make it back to Arkansas. They enjoy having me here, and there may be job opportunities here in Oak Ridge, so who knows what will happen. At this point, I'm planning on going back to Arkansas and starting my PHD, mostly to either create technology or allow it to catch up with chemical engineering and what I have to do. There are still challenges which must be circumvented if I am to be a successful independent engineer..

There's ayoung single adult campout for church tonight / tomorrow morning, and I'm hoping I can find a way to get there. If not, it won't be the end of the world, but this could be a good opportunity for me to meet people from around the area. if I can't get there, I guess I'll be able to get stuff ready for moving.

On the reading front, I'm currently reading a positively wacky book by Jasper Fforde called Lost in a good book. It's part of s eriies called the Thursday Next series, Thursday Next being a Literary Detective in this satyrical world where literary is the mainstay of the society. In this world, it's not uncommon to meet people from classical literature (Mrs. avisham from Great Expectations), and it's not uncommon for Thursday too actually enter the book and be part of the story. Makes me want to read the old classics and see what actually happens. Last story, Thursday saved Jane Eyre from her demise at the hands of some evil bad guys. What can I say, I like, and read, really weird stuff.

Well, suppose I should get back to work and consider how I'm going to hook this mmessy system up. This elbow needs to stop throbbing, I swear. Can't wait for vacation I can assure you, because it will be definitely good for my poor elbow and more importanty, for my spirit.

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