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An excellent entry excitingly expounded for everyone

What you ask yourself? An update today, and update yesterday? P'rhaps the moon will start turning to red, and ... and ... I'll ... never mind. That just totally went nowhere. I guess I'm happy to write this, but not feeling in a creative vain/vein at the moment. My Grandma seems to be my livejournal weather vain because whenever it's been over a month since I've posted, she stops checking my journal, and then acts surprised that I've posted two more entries. Then, as happens a lot in scriptures, the cycles hit me and I lapse into live journal apostacy, keeping my readers away from the mundane nature of my life which oddly, people find interesting nonetheless. So in the effort to limit banter, let us begin.

Last night's highlight was that of the trip by Catherine (matriarch of the house)'s trip to Wal Mart. She came back with Root Beer (I wil write about the mysterious nature of root beer when I'm feeling creative [see previous entries for some of my other crazy musings]), and that was exciting. I also helped, yes you heard correctly, helped Sara (one of my many honorary sisters) out with cooking dinner. She isn't that confident in her cooking, so, though I'm not that experienced in the culinary arts, I've had lots of "training" in cooking when I was a kid. There's this program that most blind people do called independent living. I think that everyone (sighted or blind) should take it actually. I learned methods of cleaning, clothes sorting etc., and my forte, something that I wanted to concentrate on, was cooking. So for like three years, Linda came over every week to teach me how to cook. I never used the knowledge by myself until now, but it's all coming bak to me and I love it. It's just funny because Ellis (the Dad of the house here) cooks most times for the family, and Catherine and pretty much all of the other girls in the fam hate it. So is the case with me it seems, though I haven't been graduated to cooking every day for everyone. Matt (brother-in-law of Sarah) and I do Sundays, which is always exciting, and generally tasty, at leastthe last week we did it it was exciting and tasty.

Today I went to the dentist and found out that I'm going to probably need three seals done in my teeth which will cost me like $100. I just tell myself that it's better than what I would pay if I didn't have my Mom's insurance. Then I came back to work, and got started at doing some analyses on another simulation. I'm not done with that one yet; it will be done and reported upon by the time I fly out though.

Tonight is Institute night, and it should be exciting (man, life must be exciting, for I've used that word several exciting times in this exciting entry). Then I'll probably come back here and crash.

Oh yeah, I found out that there's some extra tickets for conference on the day I don't have tickets for. That means, I'll get to go on Saturday in the morning, and Sunday in the afternoon. Very exciting indeed :). The way these conferences are organized, they have four sessions for everyone, and one for the guys. I'll be at two of the general conference sessions, and the other (guy only) session. Many would think that sitting around for six hours listening to wizzened old men talk monotonously would be boring, but I find it uplifting, informational, and yes, exciting.

That's about all I can think of now. I'm sure that I'll come up with something crazy to write soon.

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