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back to East Tennessee yet again

I'm at work, waiting, again for a further process description and mass balance so taht I can get a simulation put together. Simulations generally take me a while to get completely constructed, debugged, and finally run, so I hope I can get some kind of something before today's over so I can start on it. I'm planning to taking half of a day off of work on Tuesday to go to Big Ed's Pizza with Holly and hang out, so I'd like to have at least something tangible to show before I do that. I know that I've said how amazing Big Ed's Pizza is before on these pages, and I'd have no problems taking time off to eat pizza gold, but Holly's never had or heard of Big Es's, so I must find, make, or invent time so she has the oportunity to experience greasy greatness and beautiful bliss.

I'm pretty tired today, mostly due to the fact that I had mercy on the cats and eft my door open last night. I may do this again, but not when I have to wake up for work at a reasonable hour. Most of the night, I had the older cat Tippy. She would sleep fine until I moved. Then, thinking that Ii wanted to pet her, she would get up and either lay on my head or my chest, and pur really really loudly nd/or swipe me with her claws to wake me up so I'd pet her. I don't move very often in the night, but I generally like to keep myself comfortable, so needless to say, I awoke several times. I even had the other cat Jack Jack, but I don't think the two were completely comfortable with being on the bed at the same time,so either the alpha cat, or the one who didn't want to give up my petting, gave up and went elsewhere. I'm not sure why the cats love laying on me so much, but anyway. I guess it's my animalesque or animalistic personality, I don't know.

I got back on Wednesday afternoon about four, and was successfully delirious, hilarious, and generally so tired I was inventing new worrds and talking to myself by the end of the day. I'm surprised I was able to make intelligible conversation and talk theology at Institute as well as I did. The flights went quite well. I sat by a nice copule newly moved to Salt Lake, on the Salt Lake Chicago leg of my flight. We talked Church stuff for a while, and I told a bit about myself and what I did. Jack was retired, and Ida worked at a lothing factory. They had been married for over 20 years, and were headed to see their daughters temple wedding ceremony. Jack is an amateur radio, and so it was really neat to meet him and talk tech. Hopefully I've reinsighted the ham radio bug in him again because he's a CW (code) guy, and we need more Morse code on the air. He gave me his address, so hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with him.

Yesterday was kind of exciting. I'm strongly considering trying to get a job near here, and then doing the PHD after that, and in talking to my advisor, he was very supportive and excited. We are of the mind that if I'm thinking these thoughts, then this internship has been a success. On that very day, the University published a news story on the main daily news publication, Daily Headlines, that the university puts out, so that was cool. It's located Here. It was very timely, especially since it published the very day that I told Bob I was considering trying for employment.

I still haven't heard from The Seeing Eye. I'm about ready to write them and tell them that if they don't know an exact class date, that it would be best to delay my return to there, even if it meant I would have to use a cane for a while. I have to be able to tell my Mom when she needs to come and get me, and we're getting close to that time taht I need to tell her. I've decided that when I go home forChristmas, I'll leave Fiona there. They told me when I went to the vet in Idaho, that she had cataracts, and though she can ee, I'd like her to be able to take a break for a while before it is her time. I'm not quite sure why they dont tell me anything regarding class dates, but it's getting such taht it might just be better to go in the spring and go from there because I most likely will be able to know better what my lans arr and/or be in a position to know better when I can leave. Time will tell.

That's about all. Nothing planned tonight :( but I'm going to a young single adult activity tomorrow night which should be extremely fun, especially if we can obtain some root beer for the bonfire and dance. I'll try to write tomorrow or when I have more dead time.

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