January 2nd, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

I think I'll make a new years resolution not to use subjects, especially when you feel like total crap, and really don't want to write. But hey, what the hell else am I going to do but write.

I finally ordered all of the parts for my computer. It'll cost me like $1400 total that's with all the cdrw and dvd roms etc. It'd cost me over 2000 from Dell so I think I did well. I can't wait till all the parts come in and I get to put it all together, should be a huge adventure, a safari into the unknown. Well, actually it's not totally unknown, I helped Rick put together one once. My mom doesn't have a clue what she's doing, so I'll be doing most of it by myself. I ordered most of it from buy.com and the cd stuff from another place.

I got up this morning at like 2 a.m. and haven't had a nap today, which is why I really am tired. I thought I was tired the past few entries, god, I'm tired now.

I've continued my yearly tradition of separating a rib at least once a year. This isn't a bad separation as I can't feel the ribs grating on each other but it is bad enough as to cause me to not be able to breathe properly. Thanks god I have some pain crack available, it helps greatly. I took a hot bath this morning which wasn't entirely helpful but it was nice anyway.

I went on a very pointless trip today into Little Rock to pick up my sister's car with my parents. She left it there because she was unsure as to if she would be able to get a ride to Dallas to this conference for a church thing she's doing. She got a ride so we picked up her car. I came along to get out of the house and also hopefully pick up my motherboard from the place where I got it. They are closed till the fourth of January for inventory, so will have to pick it up then. We then went to this really big craft place where my mom was looking for bins to put her plastic christmas tree in. We just kind of didn't accomplish anything for like an hour, except for getting these really cool tablets that flavour your coffee. I got Dutch chocolate. I fell asleep in the Wal Mart parking lot as my mom went in to getthe ideal bins (these bins she's going to be storing in the attic mind you), and then we went home.

I called about cable internet because it's really annoying when the phone is busy all the time because my dad's on ebay buying crap he doesn't need. Why not sell some fire extinguisher boxes d ??? Anyway, I finally convinced the fam to get it so I'll order the service tomorrow and the router we'll need to connect more than one computer to the network. So that makes two networks I'll have set up over the past month or so, Caryn's and ours. Quite cool!!!

Not much has been going on otherwise except for I've been continuing to try to breathe. I've also been trying to consider new ideas for Ner's cloning and match making services, not necessarily used in conjunction. I suppose one of these days I"ll have to paste in the brainsurgery file, maybe I'll do that at the end of this entry, it might make me come up with new ideas for business ventures. How about Ner's Dating Service and Cloning Consultants. Ner's Dating Service, Chemical Imporium, and Premium Cloning Consultancy. I don't know. Anyway, I'll paste in the brainsurgery file for Dr. Ner's blind Brain Surgeon I wrote in a bout of weakness about a year ago. Enjoy it if you haven't seen it already, and if I'm reading this later well, think how crazy I am, be amazed, be very amazed. Will write tomorrow.

Dr. Ner, Brain Surgeon

Do you have a tumor, cancerous growth, or think that there just might be something wrong with your brain? Are those OTHER brain surgeons throwing out quotes like you're a piece of meat? "I'll remove it for $1000000" "I'll do it for $50000"? Well, look no further! Don't delay! It could already be too late! Call me and my blind associates at the first blind brain surgeon's offices in the world. Dr. Ner Blind Brain Surgeons Inc., brain surgery for less! Dr. Ner Brain Surgery Inc. operates in the pristine location of Callaghan, New South Wales, in Australia at the state of the art university facilities of beautiful and reputable Newcastle University. We at Dr. Ner blind Brain Surgeons Inc., value your life and well-being while providing you with a cheap yet effective way of removing that pesky tumor. Are you light sensitive, no problem, we have you covered. Do you hate anesthetics, no problem, we don't use any, there's really no need. Our patented procedures of tumor removal and exploratory surgery can get that tumor removed for you in a relatively painless manner while you sit in our offices, fully wide awake, to guide us of course to the root of the problem. The really cool part is that we'll have it removed in only five minutes or less, money back guaranteed. We employ no sighted people in the practice, no need for them, you are our guide. We also use a special instrument called the feelometer which helps us by sending 4000 volts of low amperage current through the effected area of your brain while giving us tactile feedback. All you have to do is look into a specially designed mirror as we saw, drill, poke, and feel around and give us directions! It's just that simple. We have, combined, 5362078 seconds of experience in brain surgery and hey I, Dr. Ner, am a Doctor. We have a 98% success rate of removing something even. Let's hear from some of our patients, who I'm sure will tell you how enjoyable their experiences have been.

"Hi, I can't remember who I am, but I know that tumor's gone goddamnit, that's what my buddy ol pall Dr. Ner tells me, I just can't remember shit since then, but oh well, it was cheap. Now I can enjoy the beautiful things in life like sitting on my ass in this wheelchair. Sure I'm not the same, but at least I'm not dead, yet." Some dude, Sydney Australia.

"Hi, it was reaaaaaaaally good, yep, told him right where it is, I just hate it that he gave me a frontal lobodomy in the process. At least I'm not depressed anymore, and it was cheap so hey, it's all good. I love you Dr. Ner!" Dee Pressed: London,England.

So there you have it, opinions from some of our greatest success stories. They all talked about how cheap we are, just how cheap you ask? Well, we'll remove tumors for only $19.95! Yes that's right $19.95! And we'll get it done in five minutes or less, guaranteed. We'll throw in a frontal lobodomy or hemespheric removal for free if you like as well, just let us know when you come in.
Think you have a problem and want us to diagnose you? Invest in our exploratory services, using the state of the art feelometer, we'll check you out and tell you what's wrong for only $5.95, and, we'll throw in our special Braille instruction manual on your disease, free! Yes, that's right free! If you have an exploratory procedure done and we find a tumor, we'll throw in tumor removal on our current sale price of $10.95 extra, and we'll remove the tumor!

"Wow ner! You're amazing!"

We know. Call us on 1800 bbsbry that's 1800 227479 today! Don't delay! Call us, Dr. Ner Brain Surgeons Inc., Brain surgery for less! Call us before it's too late!