January 3rd, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


Pain is one of those things that can both help you reflect and incapacitate you at the same time. The reflecting part I like, the incapacitation I like not. I'm very familiar with pain, and this morning I'm no stranger to it.

thought I'd be fine as far as the chest goes, but upon getting up, it was worse than ever. I'm making it through by taking shallow breaths and drinking coffee. If it dosn't improve soon, I'll be forced, damn, to take some of this Vikaden which won't be too bad really. So if thoughts are muddled, that's the reason.

I spent last night thinking that I should go to bed and then being distracted. I talked with Chris about his supposed issues or lack there of and commented on them on subsequent journals. It's both cool and amazing that I get involved with these situations so often. Hope I live to tell the tale.

Then I got started in reading Amber's journal, and it was very amazing and sobering. She's told me everything there is to know about her ex boyfriend, but it is a totally different story when you go and read it from a first person account as it happened. Amazing that her last relationship she spent cooking and cleaning. Not that she can't cook, she can, but since I did most of the at least cooking, it's hard to believe that she was asked to do so much of it. All i could say was wow! And when I get the internet working here full time, it'll be amazing to continue reading. I really like live journal compared to the service that she uses. It has too damn many ads and crap. I went to bed at about 10, and got a call from Amber who had been talking with Rebecca for a while which is why I kept not being able to contact her. I was half asleep when she called, but about 20 minutes later was able to wake up. So I'm up now the pain is going down just a bit but thats because I'm not moving around as much. I'll be calling the cable company today to get there asses out here to put in the internet, then I'll install the rest of the network. More later maybe.
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Fiona and me in the snow

more pain

Just about an hour ago, I strained myself again and felt a pop. It's much worse now, always is when I feel the pop, so am in agony now. I am just typing to people now as it's quite difficult to talk. We had a discussion today at dinner a theoretical one about different pain medicines. My dad took it very seriously when I sad that heroine was the best pain medicine known to man. It really is, thats why people get addicted. I sure wish I had an equivalent now. When I don't feel like crap I'll have to go off on drug legalization and giving haroine to terminal patients but that's for another day.

Nothing really happened today, just ordered cable internet and sat around. I finished The Summons which was quite cool. MOre later.