January 27th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

too much damn music

I got up at 4 after going to bed at ten last night so I am a bit tired right ow. I might go into uni at about 11 to go over stuff with Dr. Terpin and I might have to go into the textlab to see if they have some of the stuff that I need to be done. They needed to do lots of quezes and stuff plus I have another assignment for Terpin to do. Still haven't finished the first one, but that will happen eventually. Didn't do much last night except for read stuff with Helen at the coffee shop. We found the power plugs and ethernet ports there at the union, so that was cool. I'll have to work over there some time just for the hell of it.

I got in touch with Steve about the music. He has entirely too much Celtic and newage, I should be getting about at lesat 40 gb of new material that I don't have, very amazing if you ask me. I'll have to offmove some stuff from my external hard drive to the one in the desktop, then I'll put all the music on the "broadcast" hard drive and hopefully will start playing some new age on my KXUA show, It'll be a project going through what I do and don't need as far as stuff from his collection, will have to mark it all so that Steve can burn it for me when he gets my dvds. I found som really cheap dvds at a shop, if I can find the url later I'll post it, but I can get like 100 dvds for $.69 each which is really cheap, you can even get dvdrw's I believe. The prices remind me of how much cds used to cost. It's all pretty amazing. I ended up getting 10 dvds for $20 or so with shipping, I thought I wouldn't need the rest of the dvds, but then found out about the newage collection, so that was cool. Just found the url for the dvds, I got them at shop4tech.com They are located in California.

Not much else is going on over here, just have my tri class day, two Turpin's one Byers, and then I'm done. Have to read som statics today, for sure. First I must go and watch the Security Council briefing on the Iraqi weapons inspection thing. I am very against war so I hope it goes well. Will write later.
Fiona and me in the snow

short one

I keep meaning to do uni work, but damn, just don't get around to it, amazing hey!! Nothing exciting happened except for classes which always are exciting. Dr. Byers is the most ex-ci-ting procfessor I think I've ever freaking had. He I swear does not know what the ehll he's talking about. I think he knows reactor design material but does not have a clue as to what he's teaching or how to teach it, what the hell ever. Maybe I'll make it out of there ok. Turpin and I worked on that assignment I've been meaning to do and that was cool because now I don't have to actually write it down. I went to the CSD and was annoyed because they continue not to have a clue as to what the hell they're doing as far as brailling stuff, not a clue whatsoever. What has happened is that they've lost all of the people that used to do brailling for them, all the math/science brailling that is. This makes for interesting reading when they write out chemical equilibrium equations in words, nice, very nice. So after talking to Casey, the guy who works there, who knows a lot and tries even harder, I was really tired so went to bed. Slept for 2 hours at which time controlg AKA Chris n called my ass and woke me up. So I hencefoth went to Brough and had luxurious pork ribs and pizza. I should eat more fruits and vegetables, but I just never can find what i really want. What I really want, I do not know, but whatever it is I usually can't find it at the time that I go through the line.

I figured out last night how to construct my friends list so I can post entries that only like two or four people who are listed in a certain friend's group can see, only when logged in. Most likely I'll not do that much, as nothing's really pissing me off at the moment. It's just cool to have that option available. I've also figured out how to filter my friend's list so that it stays uncluttered while I'm able to still keep people on my friend's list, I may not use this but it's still really cool to have that functionality and customizability available to me. Better than Free Open Diary any day let me tell you. Bloody hell, that site is about as useless as a piece of frozen shoe leather. Plans for tonight include sleeping after I finish this entry which has become long rather than short, oh well, mine tend to do that.

Well that's about all except for I've really continued to enjoy taking snapshots of people's lives by viewing their journals. It's not every day that I'm able to peruse through thousands of people's most private thoughts. I'm not usually able to experience people's lives for whom I don't even know well, and never am I usually able to share my life with perfect strangers I don't even know. You sadistic bastards can even comment on the stupidity of my life events or vice versa, and I like that aspect as well. This whole thing is truly exhillerating. If anything, it's a truly amazing way to keep a record of your life events while meeting new friends. Much better than a password protected Microsoft Word journal anyday, though when I had it, I thought it was pretty damn cool. It's all preserved in stone; I'm usually not a fan of graffiti, but this thing is like a permanently everchanging graffiti wall of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I'll close by saying this, try the random button if you ever haven't. On my trips south to Sydney from Newcastle, I would listen to random people's conversations on the train, sometimes I'd contribute, get into the conversation, but other times I'd sit back and pass the time by passively being a part of their lives. Live journal is exactly as cool as that, so enjoy the ride! all aboard! Next stop no where, all stations to ... life.