February 14th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

saturation point 2003

There becomes a point when you become so saturated with news that you dream about it, you live it, you even believe sometimes that you are in the news. Yesterday in fact, I fell asleep with the news on and dreampt that I had slept for a week and totally missed a week. It was like the guys at CNN were in my dream. So this afternoon after watching the Security Council Briefings to unmovic, I decided, it took me a while but I still figured, that it was in fact time to turn the tv off and enjoy Valentine's Day, my day not even begn yet.

It has sporadically pounded down rain all day with the skys as black as ash. I wouldn't want to fly as Amber will be doing, but it has to be done ad she will be fine. My Valentine's gifts are all organised and I am sure that she will like them a whole lot. The other Valentine's day I organised was for my sister (I was just the delivery guy), and she also enjoyed her gifts immensely.

Today is the first doctor's appointment after my surgery with the relatively painless staples removal to come. I, as I've said before, have 30 staples which all have to be removed. Next on my agenda that is after welcoming Amber, will be to take a long, hot bath to losen up the skin around the wound which is quite tight after surgery. This is typical of all staple suturing, and doesn't surprise me, but I'll be looking forward to getting the Ace Bandage off of my leg to reveal my arrow straight leg unsheathed from any dressings.

I talked with Col. Myers today which is always refreshing. He has just had prostate surgery because he had hbeen having troubles urinating. I'll never forget some of his quotes which always make me smile. TOday was, "I can pee like an 18 year old. Oh the joys of getting old." That man is a great and wonderful man.

Have to go more later.