February 15th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

not 100 percent

I've not been feeling great all day, somewhat, well, blahish, is that a word? I doubt it though I've been known to make up words, Maybe this word will make it into the dictionary. First of all, the leg has been being a pain, especially since I went to the airport and doctor. That trip was one from hell there. I found out how much I aven't healed, how far I actually have to go. It's kind of upsetting really because I santed to feel better so I could have a good time with Amber. I'm not having a bad time per se, I had a drug helped conversation with her last night which was pretty cool, and today, we've been just sitting around reall. We watched Sweet Home Alabama, A great movie with a great ending. Then I started having stomach issues so I've been trying to make the mad dash to the bathroom using the walker. Mad dashes and walkers do not make a good combination, I can not make a mad dash to the bathroom I've discovered, well maybe I can, I did make it, but it's still a bit stressful.

Oveall though, my Valentine's Day was great; sorry for the fragmentation of this entry, my writing style is usually ruled by my head rather than my stomach. Let's try to pull it together with the trip. I left hastily after completing yesterday's entry and headed back to Dr. Aonson's office. I had most of the pain in my right thigh which pressed painfully against the seat. I'm absolutely sure we'll be bringng the pillows we left at home next time. Betsy, the nurse, took out each of the staples which was a painful ordeal. Some of those staples would have rather stayed than be removed. Then I spoke with the entourage, a group of medical school hopefuls, and I talked about my case with them. I always like to talk about my case to people because I like to spread the rarity of me, ner, to them. Yes, I'm rare in many ways, but my disease is one only seen in very few in the world thank god. So I'd like a lot of people to know about it. Check out This Site to see a bit about osteopetrosis, well a lot about it, more than you probably want to know. Anyway, we tehn trekked over to the airport to pick up Amber. The flight was late, so we waited for a while in an out of the way lounge until the time she was supposed to get there, then waited some more in the main concourse while the sea of humanity came out, after a while she showed up and that was cool. I gave her her flowers, and she enjoyed them a lot. Then I came home and took some drugs, damn did I need them.

As I've said, things have been pretty ok here. The only problem has been that both Boomer and Gabby don't like Betty. She's a strange new dog, and they for some reason don't like her. Gabby probably has a reason not to like her as she got chased by the Betty, but Boomer is just psycho I think.

Tonight We'll be doing Kelsea's 21st birhday party thing. Her birthday is on the 17th. Amazing my sister is that old, or I should say I am getting old? Maybe I'll muse on that some day, but today is not the day. We're going to have manicotti with asparagus and white cupcakes afterwords. I pray I will be able to eat them.

Well I should go, somehow I'll be able to sit up long enough to eat. I really hope Amber is havnga good time, I've been quiet lately, mostly because I've been not 100%, I guess I haven't been 100% for a while, but I was going to try to get pretty close to it this weekend. I guess you can't plan anything perfectly hey? Well, more later, hope everyone is well and that life for you is 100%.