February 21st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Time for a long awaited update, maybe I can make this one a bit coherent. I had meant to update yesterday but due to lj problems, and the fact that I went to visit my mum's school to plan for tutoring oportunities there and hang with the students, which always can be interesting. It is amazing to me that I can be so attractive to them, only until they don't find out how old I am. I look about their eage, so naturally, they enjoy talking to me, it's quite disturbing. They today were wondering why I wasn't at Searcy today, I just didn't feel like going. I did have a good time there yesterday, as it got me out of the house and with other people. I didn't do much as the network over there is quite dodgy and didn't work with my computer, so I read a book all day. I then came home and after eating some really good chicken, I watched Survivor, which is quite good this season, and went to bed. Survivor is good because it comes complete with lots of controversy. Americans live on controversy, hey look at our good buddy George Bush, he epitomizes controversy.

Today was not a controversial day, of course it wasn't controversial only if you count the time that my dad came home to have lunch with me. We spent the whole lunch burping and farting, and that was controversial to my mom, but to us, it was bonding to the max. I also found on Bookshare, a submitted book by John Grisham, which I really wanted to buy anyway. Too late, it has been submitting, so I'm reading and editing the thing. There's lots of piddly little scanning errors, more at the beginning of course, and I'm correcting them. I'm up to chapter seven, and it's a painstaking job, but one I enjoy because I know this book will be very popular.

Tomorrow is my big day with broadcasting via the internet on kxua. I will be doing extensive testing tomorrow morning/afternoon, I'll possibly have to use my desktop to do the encoding, and my laptop to broadcast, as my laptop may not have the processing power to encode a 128k stream. I also need to check and see how much bandwidth the cable will give me for upload, as I might have to change the bitrate to support that. It will suck if I have to bump it down too much, but it'll have to do, and it will work. It'll come on on Saturday from 9 to 11 pm eastern so check out the KXUA Web Site and listen. You have to have the latest version of windows media player, but it sounds really good if you do, so it's worth it.

Well, not much else going on except for the fact that I feel good. It is such a good feeling to feel good, a great weight off of my chest. Should be interesting on Monday when I start the tutoring thing, I'll supposedly be going over there Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, and that will hopefully keep my spirits up and mind active. More activity and writing later, stay tuned!!