February 23rd, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

the show

Time for me to write yet again. I'm sitting here at the desktop because I can, and because my laptop is sistting in my room on my desk from when I had to do my show. It's probably bettter there anyway because then, I can listen to some of my music without contorting myself too much to get the hard drive and any necessary sound equipment together.

The show, yes the show. Well, in theory, it should have gone fine. The problem started with my sound box. It kept being annoying and crackling every two seconds, not something you really want it to do during a broadcast. This compounded with our stupid cable servie which won't, or wouldn't at least yesterday allow me to upload data reliably to the server, causing lots of buffering. I ended up, after four hours, able to get the sound box to work. I think that was a result of devine entertainment really. I still had the problem of intermittent dropping out which caused skipping and everything, but time wouldn't allow me to try to fix that problem, so I had to start broadcasting on schedule at 8. It worked well, at least in theory. The thing still skipped, as told by Chris and Helen, but according to some, it was listenable. We didn't get any calls, which probably means no one was listening, but oh well. I'm hoping that next week, we'll do better, and that moisture, which I believe had a lot to do with the problems won't be a factor. I'll use the two computers to broadcast next time, probably with the wireless, since that seems not to be a problem, and hopefully that won't skip as much. I really hope it works, as I want my show to be top notch. If I can't reliably upload to a server, I can't join any internet project as I have to do exactly what I did last night, oh well, what's done is done; the first show is always the most difficult in my opinion.

So basically after the show I was totally drained. I had spent six hours sitting in a very odd postion, and my legs felt like a dull, annoying ache that wouldn't absolutely go away.

This morning, I woke up at 8, a luxury for me. I must have been tired! So I've spent the morning doing not much of interest and watching my dad prepare for cooking his "meal a week". He has been lowering his sodium and cholesterol intake, and spent lots of time on EBAY buying books and different things to help him. So, every week, he implores his culinary excellence, and cooks up new and interesting things, which always is a surprise iin itself. He uses his scientific engineering to measure out for example, a pound of beans, or 32 ounces of chicken broth. He follows instructions as you would a chemistry lab, and he does a good job with it. I have no idea how this dish will go, but I'm sure I'll comment later, I'm sure it will be good!

The desktop is working reasonably, yet I still think I'll need to configure the bios a bit, it still doesn't boot without help, and I think it may be a misconfiguration.

In closing, I'm really enjoying writing this journal. I should go back and read it sometime. It's fun providing a snapshot of my life as so many have done with the million live journal subscribers. It's fun to comment, to provide support, and most importantly, to keep track of not only yourself but your friends. Even keeping strangers is fun as you seem to get to know people as you do characters in a good book. More musings later I'm sure, have fun.
Fiona and me in the snow


All this talk of snow makes me want to get back to Fayetteville, to get bback into the thick of things, and to go back to studying as I always have done. Of course, we run into a paradox. Snow does not equal gtting around, studying etc., but it does equal fun and weather, two things I am quite interested in. It's one thing to look at a computer screen and analyze numbers, probabilities, snow depths. It's another thing to get out in it, feel the cold fluffy white stuff underfoot. It's one thing to talk about distance education, listening to tapes and doing assignments. It's another to actually be in class, asking questions, talking with friends and enjoying the stress of university and college life. I guess I'm contradicting myself here, contradicting what many of you might think to be dry, clean cut things. "school sucks" many say. "I hate working, hate all the assignments, they stress me out." "What about that quiz I have to study for tomorrow, arg too much information to study."

Well, when you have total isolation from everything school/university related, you're trapped in a world of computer screens and virtual avatars, a virtual university. I don't know how people can go to all those virtual universities and get degrees, have no idea how they can spend two or three years and get a degree because until you realize it and have it taken away from you, you don't realize how much you miss with university life. Of course, I've said the things I've quoted before, but being at home has made me realize how much I appreciated life as it was and how a little change can blossom into something so big, almost like a little chance of snow can blossom into a blizzard in a matter of hours. How something that, when viewed from a distance looks so pretty yet when you're in the thick of things driving around in the snow, experiencing it, it appears as such an annoyance. Many are even killed in something that looks so pretty. So it is with college with university, many are killed at university having fun stressing out, partying. It seems so surreal from afar though not being there, seems so distant yet so close I could touch it now. Soon I'll have that oportunity again, have the oportunity to be in the thick of things, to trudge through the snow drifts of life and really experience things. I sure hit a huge drift on a warm January afternoon as I walked back from class. There's always life around that drift though, always things to look forward. Summer always melts snow too, and just think how pretty summer looks from afar too. I still can't figure out which is prettier, a snow covered adventure or a rolling green of summer. Who knows. I'll be back though, gotta start climbing those drifts so I can come back. We all have our drifts don't we.