February 26th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

back to the ice age

As forecasted, it like totally iced over here. Whe I say iced, I mean that we had freezing rain. If no one has experienced freezing rain before, here's the principal. Usually, up in the upper atmosphere, it's colder than the ground temperature. Not so today, the rain does not have time to form snowflakes as it falls down, causing it to freeze when it hits the ground, the trees, and whatever it hits. It's well below freezing, so everything freezes. This makes for very hazardous driving conditions. Little Rock is shut down now for sure. Sure, before, roads could be ploughed and something could help out, but unfortunately ice can't be ploughed, so most people stay home: a good thing in my opinion.

Not much is going over here. As I've said before, my mom is staying home from school (it's closed), and my dad is supposed to report at 11:00. I don't know what reporting at 11 is going to do for him, the roads won't be any better, but whatever. It'll really suck if he makes it into work and then they tell him to come back. Tonight we're expecting more ice so he'll probably have the same issues tomorrow. It's supposed to warm up though tomorrow, so that will help to thaw things out a bit.

I don't have any huge plans today except for writing my instructors and telling them that I'll be taking incompletes in a few classes. I still haven't gotten the materials I need from CSD so who knows what will happen there. I got the missing page from the book I'm editing so that will make things much better, I'll finish that book today I think and approve the edited copy.

I'll write more later, when I can come up with something non mundane to write, when that happens I have no idea, but who knows. Peace.