February 27th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

morning update from the ice caverns

Coffee at hand yet again, I'm bringing you this update, I'm sure you all were long awaiting.

I re signed up with Easy News and so have a constant stream of new music available to me. I still haven't gotten my dvds from Steve yet, but that, I'm sure will come soon enough, I acn't wait. The newsgroups are great for experimenting with new music types and new artists, and though I am theoretically stealing from the artists, I'll play it on the radio and site labels etc., so I can varify it that way, lame I know but it's true, I think.

The roads are apparently much better this morning, though I'm sure that the house is still covered with a half inch thick sheet of ice over a cake of snow. I wonder what the birds who live in the forest of oak trees behind our house think of this. I don't think that they'd be able to find much in the way of food during winter. Why didn't nature come up with a way for birds to hybernate? I guess they have a way, and that's called migration which usually works in Arkansas until it's below freezing for a time. My dad mentioned that the snow had turned brown near the bird seed container we put out. Duh dad, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I got to see the icicle from hell yesterday, or at least one of them. Amazing how long and wide icicles can get and how, when you can't see, you never realize that they exist. They're hanging like stalagtites from the eaves and windowframes of our house which is one of the reasons why I eluded to the cavern analogy. The particular icicle I looked at was about an inch in diameter and 18 inches long. Fiona thought it was cool because she could pick it up, just like a huge ice cube. It got the best of her though, was too heavy, so she had to drop it.

I was quite disappointed that HBO didn;t have my favorite documentary series on Death that I wrote about in my Cannibalism Entry. Maybe it's on today, but I don't think so as they've had that series on the past two Wednesdays.

the Plans for today include, well, nothing except for finishing that book I keep saying I'm going to finish. Mom is still away from school and I have the psych appointment tomorrow so I won't go tomorrow either. More later I'm sure.
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