March 7th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

another entry

Coming up with a subject line is always a challenge, almost as challenging as writing an actual entry. This also is due to the fact that I'm really tired at the moment, I wonder why, I had about ten hours of sleep; go figure.

I'm writing from school and the airtight network which doesn't allow me to use a client, so excuse any errors. I wanted to put in an entry though because I havent had a chance to write for a while, or when I had a chance, I was too tired to do so. Here goes though.

The past few days have been better for me. This has been mostly due to having something to keep my mind busy. I have some work finally to do for uni stuff. On Tuesday, my mom went up to Fayetteville and brought back the material that the CSD had been going to send for a long time now. Maybe I'll do some this weekend. I wasn't able to go to school with my mom on Wednesday because she was busy. My Wednesday involved trying to feel less depressed.

Retail therapy was my answer as I got on Amazon and bought about 11 usedcds and a book, all of which will be great to have. They are quite rare more or less, and they'll make for a great world/newage/celtic show on acbri. I still haven't written them btw; I'll do it today after I write this entry. I've also downloaded about 20 new cds, whichi I'll also use. It's funny how buying things seems to be such a lifting feeling.

Yesterday, I hung here at school, and went to an ESl (English as a second language" class for theoretical tutoring. The class consists of mostly Spanish speaking students, most of which know English quite well. It's mostly a study hall for the students, and I didn't get to answer any questions. In the afternoon, I finished my book, Prey, which turned out to be a really suspenseful book. I'm glad I had tyhe audio book version as it was long and would've been annoying to actually read.

I must have been really tired last night as I slept through most of Survivor which really annoyed me. I didn't even get to know who got voted out, and that really annoyed me because I was looking forward to watching the show. Go figure, the exciting and lovely president had his propaganda rant at 7, pushing back Survivor and all of the prime time stuff. The guy must really learn how to say nuclear, that's one thing I re noticed today. The man says is "nuke ya ler" which every time he says it annoys the hell otu of me. I'll have to send him a message today just to see what his aids write back.

Today's plans include doing nothing, yes nothing much of interesting value or worth to society.

War drums keep beating from Washington and I hope that all things are considered before the big rush. Somehow I doubt that this is a reality. This worries me, worries me greatly. More later guys especially if am bored which is a possibility.
Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

Hunger pervades me and I await the time that I go home. Who knows when that time will be as we probably will have to stay a bit later to get the paper theoretically printed. It is Friday though, and it really means nothing. When encased in the solid box of non working and non school as I am, you lose track of weekends. Every day is a weekend for me, even these days at school here. Yet I have no motivation to actually do work because I'm unable to find (a) my tape recorder and (b) its charger. Who knows how I'll get started.

Nothing happened much today except for I talked to a lot of people. That was fun, and I've enjoyed becoming a fixture in the classroom. I hope that the advice that I give some of them will help them to motivate and to get through difficult situations. God knows, I've been there.

I've continued watching the news and getting more and more annoyed with the state of things. I have not followed politics as much as I do now before Clinton; I guess I followed them during Bush Sr.'s presidency, but I don't think he annoyed me as much as George W does. It's my opinion that he doesn't even care what the people of America say. If someone speaks out against him, I think that it just goes right through his sieve of a head. He does what he's told to, reads scripts, and is pretty much a figurehead as far as America's concerned. Sure, he does lead, and sure he has "heartfelt" feelings about Iraq, but he really should be able to listen to the world. Is he deaf, I don't think so, but I don't think that he will ever back down from his plans; never will that happen. He's so committed that I think he'd commit political suicide by backing down. Sure, I think Saddam is a total pain in the ass, but please!! Listen to those who live in your country. This country doesn't live on a script as his life does. We don't have advisors who tell us what to do ro say! Does he realize this or do we all live behind teleprompters. Should we all go out and buy one or something. I don't know, but I still think that Bush needs to find a clue, somehow. Maybe I'm wrong.