March 11th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

jazz on a tuesday afternoon

I amaze myself sometimes because of the extremely baried types of music I seem to enjoy. I've gone from listening to tribal rhythms from Ganga Giri, an Australian Aboriginal band, to now listening to smoothe jazz yet again on acb radio iteractive. I'm drinking cherry vanilla tea which is quite good. Cherry vanilla isn't my favorite tea in the world, but it's what I picked out so it'll have to do I suppose.

I did my usual downloading today, and I'm building a respectable world music collection, more leaning to the new age persuasion. That's ok, I enjoy my new age music quite a lot because it is relaxing and thought provoking.

The power was out for like close to an hour due to some work on the power system for some odd reason. I came out of the shower and couldn't figure out what the hell was up. It's so very quiet in the house when there's no power. You never realize how many hums and buzzes there are until all power is lost. When we lost power for like two days during an ice storm, it was weird when all power came back on.

I called and talked with Dean earlier today. We talked about finding a therapist, and didn't come up with much. At the end of our conversation, I asked him if he remembered the Becky incident. He said he most surely did, and he got to know the guy who Becky was talking to quite well from medical school. He ended up stealing his current wife from the guy's friend. Talk about low!

Not much else to reportexcept for I got all set up with ACB Radio. I even came up with a show name, how's Passport World Sound? Either that or Culture Beat. Any ideas?

I also talked with taigirl and that was really cool. We haven't talked in ages and it was cool to be able to catch up with her. Our conversation today reminded me of how we used to talk when we first left The Seeing Eye.

I'll write more later once I have more, I'm sure it'll be sooner rather than later.